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Maou 2007.10.16 10:20 AM

MM > SS > Kyouiku > KSK > Adult > HF > Utaite > Variety

fyrtionio 2007.10.16 11:47 AM

1. HF
2. KSK
3. Kyouiku
4. SS
5. MM
6. Variety
7. Adult
8. Utaite Myouri

fluffiethesock 2007.10.16 12:25 PM

Adult >
KZK = Variety = SS >
MM = Kyouiku = HF = Utaite Myouri

Three tiers (roughly).

RollOverHobo 2007.10.16 01:18 PM

Shouso Strip is my favorite album.....first (out of two) shiina albums I own. Next is Adult (which I also own)....:)
Shouso just makes better everything from Muzai without being drastically different like KZK.....Adult is just awesomeness but it would've better if shiina had done it solo....I mean this album was obviously purposely written for a band but if shiina had decided to do this solo (a la HF, shiina's solo material isn't very concept-y like TJ or HF material) you can bet it would've been more awesome (so many more instruments could've been used)......

Akagaminosteven 2007.10.16 01:25 PM

MM is my favorite. In my opinion, it just has the most personality and a raw feeling that doesn't get lost in anything. I'm a sucker for the whole small-time girl in a big city deal, and from start to finish it's just full throttle. It's got my favorite Shiina song (Marunouchi Sadistic), and just feels solid all the way through.

Positron 2007.10.16 02:05 PM

SS/KSK/Adult/HF > Kyouiku > MM > Variety

Yeah, that feels about right.

pariscombo 2007.10.16 03:02 PM

KSK > Adult > Koyuku > Variety > HF > SS > MM > UM

HEDOfloe 2007.10.16 05:38 PM

ADULT>KZK>Heisei Fuzoku=Kyouiku>Variety>SS>MM

I think that is about it. The first poll of this I had voted KZK but soon after ADULT became tops for me. I really like SS and MM but I just don't listen to them to much since when I found out about Ringo I also found out about TJ and I liked their music more.

After all the Uki vs. Hirama debates, I am sort of surprised that no one has put Kyouiku as their favorite.

zarya 2007.10.16 06:36 PM

KSK > MM > SS > Adult > Variety > UM > Kyoiku > HF

fluffiethesock 2007.10.16 08:54 PM

"Kyouiku was written as a live album."

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