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frecklegirl 2007.03.25 11:39 AM

How Did We First Discover...?
This is the thread where we all share our stories of how we first got into Ringo/Tokyo Jihen.

For me, it was at the very end of April/beginning of May 2002, after my friend Ashley posted the lyrics to "Identity" on a lyric blog both of us were working on at the time. I was a sophomore in high school, this was about 5 years ago (in fact, I'm coming up on the anniversary! XD). Out of curiosity, I downloaded it off the now-defunct Audiogalaxy.com and loved it. I quickly downloaded more, including "Honnou" (another immediate love), "Gibusu" (that one took some time), "Koko de Kisu Shite" and others. It was quite a ragtag bunch of songs I got at that time, actually... (like "Sigma" and "Mellow")

I slowly gained more and more songs, and would try and catch the Ringo block of PVs at J-pop rooms at anime conventions, but I didn't care to go gather all her stuff for a while. At the beginning of summer 2004 I purchased "Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana" (a year after its release), the first album of hers for me to own, and listened to it in my car driving to work; I loved it.

Later that year I was surprised to learn she had formed a band and they had already released a single, "Gunjou Biyori." My thought was, "Well, if she's stopped being a single artist, she's still releasing awesome songs, so who cares!" This drove my interest into higher gear and I started trying to collect more older B-sides and other things I didn't have already. In November of 2005 I launched my lyrics website and joined the Ringo Jihen forums and eventually became a real member of our little community! The rest is history... :)

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.03 04:26 AM

I discovered TJ (and, therefore, SR) through some youtube links that were posted on 4chan's /t/ as samples for a Dynamite Out audio rip torrent. Everything just snowballed from there, and now I'm working on buying all her CDs and am awaiting TJ's new album.

badtzmaru 2007.04.03 10:38 AM

Hmm, let me see...
My very first exposure to Ringo was through Tokyo Jihen's "Sounan" PV. I randomly decided to watch it because I'd heard Shiina Ringo's name around and wanted to hear what kind of music she made. I really liked the song but maybe not her voice as much then, because I didn't pursue her and the band any further. (Which is kind of ironic since "Sounan" is one of my all-time favorite songs now.)

I finally started to become interested in Ringo when I heard one of her solo songs through the last.fm radio one day. (Gah, I wish I could remember which song it was!! >_< I think it was "Meisai," but I'm not 100% sure. :() I listened to all her solo songs and grew in love with her voice and persona. While I didn't hate her voice the first time I heard it, I didn't see anything interesting in it until now--I think her voice is one of the most unique and beautiful (in its own way) voices ever. I fell even more in love with her when I found out about her little quirks, and that she's actually very polite in person. <3 I don't know any other artist who's as an interesting character as she is.

I'm about a third finished in collecting the whole discography, but I have the most CDs of hers than any other artist. :D

Tokyo Jihad 2007.04.03 12:30 PM

I was scavenging the South American isthmus with my travel guide (who would later become Dr. Octopus) for a sacred rock idol. He lead me to a cave hesays no on has ever immerged from alive.

Upon entering I see the cave full of Ukigumos. My guide laughs, saying there's nothing to worry about -- as there was a gigatic Ukigumo on his back ready to strike! I swat it off of him proclaiming my dislike of Ukigumos!

We made it past hidden HZMs that shot poisoned arrows across our path and then we came unto a deep chasm. Unsure of wha to do, I flicked my bullwhip onto a crevace and it stuck. My guide and I swung across the chasm to apparent safety and there it was. The golden rock idol of Ringo. My guide asked what I intended with such a treasure.

"Rawk out with my cawk out" I replied.

I knew she was on a weighted trigger, so I deftly exchanged a weighted bag of hollow rock bands (from America of course) for the idol. It a first seemed the deal done. but then... A QUAKE from above!

A ginormous rolling Kameda came crashing from above. It landed with a shiver and jauntily rolled along toward us! My guide and I darted through the corridor until we reached the chasm. He begged me to hand him the idol. I did.

He smiled and sneered "adios señor." He lept across, Shiina in hand and detatched my whip upon reaching the other side. I was stuck!

I swallowed hard and leapt across the chasm! I met the uncertain edge by a hair and pulled myself up. The killer Kameda loomed as well, rolling across the chasm as if it was a pothole! I ran.

Eventually, i saw a corpse! My guide! HZM Arrow through the head. He shoulda known.

I pilfered my idol and darted out of the cave only to be greeted by the savage natives of the area!

"Hay, do you like Gackt?"
"Does u hav A Best?"
"lawl, Tommy Heavenly > Buriguri" they sqwacked.

badtzmaru 2007.04.03 12:37 PM

Did you just insert all the band members' names into an ad-lib? :blink:

Either way, I'd like to capture an Ukigumo. :) Are they furry creatures? XD

Lena-chan 2007.04.03 12:38 PM

well, like I said before... my ex shows me Honnou PV and it was love at 1st sight X3
yeah, it was that Japophile one, but this was before our relationship
I was playing pokemon stadium 2 with another friend(my boyfriend on that time XD) and there were a lot of friends(all boys,only me as girl) on that room (the japophile's room), so he put Honnou to play and all that boys stoped what they were doing and they all were like "OMG OMG sexy japa perverted nurse lesbian O_________O" and I was "¬¬ so?"
and it happened, I pay attention on the music and I fall in love
so I tell to replay and I loved all the thing, it fits perfectly in the song
in that time the japophile was kind of addicted on SR (cause time to time he is addicted in something different) and I enjoyed every song that I heard n_n
OMG with this story I look like these girls that have so many boyfriends, but this story shows 2/3 of my boyfriends XDDDDDD

I'd like to capture an Ukigumo. :) Are they furry creatures? XD
this made my day!

Silverrime 2007.04.03 06:18 PM

While reading up on some trivia about Guilty Gear (an extremely good game), I read a tidbit about a character, I-no (my avatar), that said she was modeled after Shiina Ringo.

I read the wikipedia article about Ringo, and my interest was piqued, so I scourged the net until I found a torrent that contained all her albums, including both TJ albums. After not paying much attention for about a week, Honnou played and hooked me immediately.

After sitting down to really listen, the fact that her Music is awesome hit me like a sack of bricks and my obsession was spawned. I'm considering buying a second set of her albums just so I can keep them unopened. :P

Huruhara 2007.04.03 06:25 PM

Mine was very simple. A friend mailed me KZK and I'm hooked. Line and sinker. Heh.

The first PV I saw was TJ's Shuraba. The song doesn't automatically click with me and it took me until just recently to appreciate that song. And Shiina looks weird with white hair. ^^;

Migoto 2007.04.03 06:49 PM

I was shown the Koko de Kiss shite PV by a friend (thanks Yuko! XD).
I confess the first thing I thought in the very beginning of the song was: "oh shit, another Alanis Morissette wannabe". ><
But this impression faded really fast. It was the Seiteki Healing DVDs, so we watched a whole bunch of PVs, and at the end I was truly impressed.
And I finally felt in love with here when I downloaded and watched that Tokyo Jihen "Meet the World Beat" presentation. That was THE band!
And I don't know how to finish this story, so I'll just stop it here.

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.03 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by Silverrime (Post 280)
While reading up on some trivia about Guilty Gear (an extremely good game), I read a tidbit about a character, I-no (my avatar), that said she was modeled after Shiina Ringo.

I enjoyed Guilty Gear before I had ever heard of Shiina Ringo, so when I found out that I-No was based on her I had a little conniption fit. My friends who were there at the time were thoroughly annoyed, although that was mainly because I was excited about something that had to do with SR. I really, really need to learn when to shut up...

Anyway, Guilty Gear is cool (even though I-No is the biggest bitch of a final boss I've ever seen). Also, I use Chipp Zanuff, in case you're wondering.

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