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freshevryday 2007.04.28 05:41 AM

Who owns Shiina stuff?
I know the last thread was about where to find Shiina's merchandise, but I was wondering who actualy owns it?

Personal the only thing I own is the 平成風俗 (Japanese Manners) CD. I got it from Kinokuniya book store (in Uwajimaya) in Seattle, but it was 40$. Every thing else I just download (like 180 songs).
平成風俗 椎名林檎 × 斎藤ネコ

Glathannus 2007.04.28 08:47 AM

Let's just say I own everything, and leave it at that.

cjhobbies00 2007.04.28 10:00 AM

I'm missing the 3 cd album release, dynamite out dvd (the legit copy anyways...), and kyoiku. Have everything else except the singles, of which i own only three (gibusu, tsumi, and honnou)

Mad_Mac 2007.04.28 01:33 PM

Shame for me.

I only have 2 of her legit copy which are HZ, and EM. My HZ DVD Is on it's way. And I will probably start buying all her legit cd starting next month since i just discovered a convinient way to buy on-line.
But, for vynil, and stuff that hard to get except from Yahoo! Japan auction will have to wait. Since i haven't learn the way, and i can't read Japanese

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.28 02:57 PM

I've got HF, KSK, and Kyouiku in albums. Koufukeron [RR], Honnou, Tsumi to Batsu, Mayonaka wa Junketsu, Ringo no Uta, KYNK, Gunjou Biyori, Sounan in singles. Hyakuiro Megane and Ringohan in DVD.

I've got the HF LP and DVD on the way.

badtzmaru 2007.04.28 06:14 PM

Hmm, I'm still halfway done collecting. >_< But, this topic is a good way for me to keep a record. :D

Singles: Honnou, Gibusu, Tsumi to Batsu, Zecchoushuu, Mayonaka wa Junketsu, Ringo no Uta (CD+DVD), Gunjou Biyori, Sounan, Shuraba, Konoyo no Kagiri, OSCA (First Press), Killer Tune (First Press) (soon!)
Albums: Shouso Strip, Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana, Adult (Pour Homme), Heisei Fuuzoku (First Press Limited Edition), Variety (First Press) (soon!)
DVDs: Electric Mole, Dynamite Out!, Adult Video, Just can't help it. (First Press), Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyou, Heisei Fuuzoku Daiginjou (First Press Limited Edition)
LPs: none, and maybe never o_o;;

I don't plan on buying her works (like Zazen Boys or Mo'some Tonebener) although I would've liked to buy the Shoujo Robot single. ;_;

zarya 2007.04.29 08:31 AM

Singles: Koufukuron 8cm, Kabukichou, Koko de Kiss shite, Koufukuron re-release, Honnou, Tsumi to Batsu 1st press, Mayonaka wa Junketsu, Stem 1st press x 2, Ringo no Uta, Gunjou Byori, Sounan, Shuraba, KYNK, OSCA, Killer Tune, ZCS,
Albums: MM, SS (1 regular and 1 limited w/ the sticker), KSK korean edition, Kyouiku, Adult (limited edition), HF (limited edition), Variety 1st press, Watashi to Houden 1st press
DVDs: Sexual Healing 1, 2 and 3 (3 in first press), Gorikitsu Japan, Gekokujo Extasy, Electric Mole limited edition, Dynamite In, Dynamite Out (first press), JCHI, HF, Dai Ikkai Ringohan, Senkou Shoujo, Watashi no Hatsuden 1st press
VHS: Sexual Healing 1
Books: Adult scorebook (just ordered the Best Selection Piano book and the WtH scorebook)
Related artists: HMZ's Pianoize my life, Tomosaka Rie's rie tomosaka clips dvd (has the cappuccino and mokuren no cream pv)

I also have the following in disc only: Kuki -Stem- single, Mayonaka single, Utaite Myori. My apartment got robbed a few years ago and they took a lot of CDs, but I was carrying the disks in a separate case for some of them so it turned out they stole a bunch of empty cases (and some precious stuff as well). Still, I use to have a lot more singles that I haven't bought back yet.

I started my collection on Ebay, then moved on to YesAsia when I decided I needed the new stuff as it was coming out (from TJ on). I also used HMV and TokyoRecohan. Now my friends are going to Japan for 2 weeks and they have a list of the stuff I want (i.e.: pretty much everything that I'm still missing).

I use this to keep track of my Japanese cd/dvd collection, it's not perfect but you can add the stuff that's missing. However, it's in French... but I thought they had an English version somewhere, I just can't seem to find it.

waxringo 2007.04.29 02:37 PM

um...i'm sort of a late fan. i've been listening since 2001... is that really late?

anyways, i started w 3 singles(honnou, tsumi to batsu, gibusu) that were given to me by a japanese exchange student after showing her the Gekokujyo Xtasy concert i had gotten. then, i bought utaite myori cd, tho i managed to lose both halves. i suck. i have the heisei fuzoku cd. also, i'm getting random dvds now....i'm playing catch up. when i first heard her, i was in high school and cardless so i couldnt quite get it all... ha.
oh yea, i have the tokyo jihen stuff too...

cjhobbies00 2007.04.29 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by waxringo (Post 3291)
....i'm playing catch up. when i first heard her, i was in high school and cardless so i couldnt quite get it all... ha.
oh yea, i have the tokyo jihen stuff too...

I was cardless when i first discovered her too, but that didn't stop me from buying her dvds! (by stealing my parent's cards, of course)

freshevryday 2007.04.29 07:43 PM

Wow I guess I'm a major minority among you guys. I just heard about Shiina last year, and cause I'm a jobless 17 year old I dont have much money.

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