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fluffiethesock 2007.07.14 09:08 PM

Non-EMF Members' Opinions
I don't know if this topic deserves a thread of its own, but I always find it interesting to hear what other people (who don't post here) say about Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen.

I'll start by saying that neither of my two friends who were foreign exchange students from Japan understood why I liked Shiina Ringo or Tokyo Jihen. However, when Adult was released, they both said that they liked it a lot, and one of them said that she got the impression that a lot of people in Japan really preferred the new style for Shiina Ringo (keep in mind that this is just her opinion based on her observations; it doesn't necessarily mean it's entirely true). Of course, this isn't saying that Adult is better or worse than anything else Shiina Ringo has done, but it definitely does show that there's a lot of appeal in it for a number of people.

Okay, that's one story. I also like to read people's impressions of the new Tokyo Jihen songs on Last.fm.

OSCA song comments:
"The last part of the song is love <3"
"This song makes me crazy. I'm so addict !!"
"OSCA sucks o_o"
"no (:, OSCA rocks so hard ^^"
"I wasn't so keen on this song at first... oddly enough, listening to it without watching the video made me really like it. now i just can't get enough xD"
"This song is so freaking amazing."

OSCA single comments:
"This is quite groovy stuff."
"OSCA is kinda not doing it for me. Though I can't resist them when they go all out at the end and just faff around."
"Uh. There're better songs than OSCA."
"me, kinda contradictive with OSCA songs.though OSCA is an attractive and got a great acceleration in it AND ukigumo (the song's writer) is one of my fav musician, i just dont like TJ do a cover of this songs and other songs already like *dynamite* and they put it on their album...oh nono....TJ wasn't a "so so" band who do play a cover..."
"OSCA failed to live up to my standards BUT it was a pretty entertaining song."
"As expected from them! OSCA is gorgeous; Pinocchio starts great; and Kaban no Nakami just made me tapped my feet... ^^"
"I agree! Kaban no Nakami sounds really nice :3"
"OSCA single is awesome!!!"
"The arrangement for OSCA towards the 2nd half is bloody brilliant"
"I like pinocchio better"
"Excellent single :3 Pinocchio is awsome."
"Yeah, much more than I expected. The single's just... awesome. As just about every Tokyo Jihen release is."
"I think hirama is a more pop rockish guitarist .. Ukigomo brings something new to the band. Can't really compare but I think Ukigomo is one of the main reasonds they have a new sound."
"The new single is really, really good! <3"

Of course, you don't get many hate messages on Last.fm since this is the page for the music that these people are listening to...

(and I just left that Ukigomo comment in there for kicks :b)

Orenji 2007.07.15 04:20 AM


"no (:, OSCA rocks so hard ^^"
Hahaha, I said that!!

golem09 2007.07.15 04:53 AM

Everyone I know loves stoicism. And one girl I know likes Mayonaka wa junketsu, but that's all

Orenji 2007.07.15 05:00 AM

My brother (who hates Asian music and so) really loves Mayonaka wa Junketsu :blink: and Kenka Joutou XD.

fluffiethesock 2007.07.15 05:37 AM

My brother likes Stoicism, and my mom doesn't think some of the songs on Adult and HF are bad because "my Japanese woman" doesn't "scream like she usually does."

Tokyo Jihad 2007.07.15 06:51 AM

One of my high school friends bought KZK, and i got in her car one day, and it was playing. I thought I was in the twilight zone.

justriiingo 2007.07.15 07:04 AM

Friend #1: Adult is disappointing. OSCA is disappointing. Pinokio and Kaban no Nakami however, are wonderful!
Friend #2: Uki doesn't deserve to be in the band.
Friend #3: (regarding OSCA) I'm going to have to turn this off if this song goes on and on and on and on and on like that.

What can I say, my friends have impeccable taste (like me :P).

fluffiethesock 2007.07.15 09:12 AM

I did a report on Shiina Ringo for my college music appreciation class two years ago, followed by a presentation of Shuukyou. After the song, much of the class looked dazed, but a few people spoke out and said that they really liked it. I gave a burnt copy of KSK to one of them, but I haven't seen him since.

frecklegirl 2007.07.15 10:09 AM

I always wish some of those people on Last.fm/Jpopmusic.com forums/jpopsuki/Wikipedia would come join the forums already instead of being fans all on their own... especially cause they spread misunderstandings (i.e. someone romanizes a title wrong and makes a torrent; everyone who d/ls that torrent thinks that title is right. It's awful [well, to me >.>]).

fluffiethesock 2007.07.15 06:49 PM

I advertised our forum on last.fm and a few Jpop message boards about a month ago (probably against their rules). Dunno if it did anything or not..

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