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badtzmaru 2007.04.14 12:59 PM

Ohh, that would be soo fun!! XD I want to be on the same team as Glathannus! XD

That reminds me of the game, Mafia. :blink:;; Do you guys think we could play it here??

golem09 2007.04.14 01:19 PM

You mean THIS ?
That would be pretty funny. But we would need a mod for this game. Not a forum mod, but a one who would moderate the game. And there should be enough participants and a lot activity involved.
And to specify the rules would be hard work. To make everyone understand the rules even harder. But it would be cool

badtzmaru 2007.04.14 01:32 PM

Yeah actually, it'd be kind of hard to play online. I've seen it played at some forums, but they weren't as successful as playing the game in real life. :( The rules are really complicated, too. >_<

frecklegirl 2007.04.15 09:52 AM

No more off-topic in this thread, please XD It's still the New Members Thread officially.

Kasanagi 2007.04.15 10:17 PM

Hi all, 23 yr old HK-born Sydeny-sider. been a Ringo addict since 2003/2004, and unlike any other drugs, admitting that you have a Ringo problem only makes you more of an addict...

Been lurking on the old forum, but maybe I'll be a little more active on this new one aye. Hajimemashite!

Note: Yes I've spell "Kusanagi" wrong.... I've made a typo on my hotmail account and it kinda stick...

justriiingo 2007.04.15 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by Kasanagi (Post 1946)
Hi all, 23 yr old HK-born Sydeny-sider.
Note: Yes I've spell "Kusanagi" wrong.... I've made a typo on my hotmail account and it kinda stick...

I think you are very prone to typos. :lol: But that's what the edit function is for!
Welcome to the boards!

badtzmaru 2007.04.16 09:46 AM

Sorry, Frecklegirl!! T_T I need to stop going off-topic so much. >_<;;

Welcome, Kasanagi! :D What does 'Kusanagi' mean? :blink:

Maou 2007.04.16 05:46 PM

^ Gotta be a reference to Kyo Kusanagi.

Kasanagi 2007.04.16 10:13 PM

Typos must be the bane of my existence

And yes that is a KOF reference, as well as the name of a sword suppose to be held by Japan's royal family.

Fukurou 2007.04.17 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by bebio (Post 669)
Ah, thank you both for your kind replies ^^
Well, yes I have some stuff online.
Lavimpa (my solo acoustic stuff): http://www.myspace.com/lavimpa
Shibuya-K (only a remix): http://www.myspace.com/shibuyak

Hey, your Lavimpa stuff is pretty nice, good job !
I look forward to hear more : )
Do you have the songs to download somewhere ? (or maybe you prefer not to, it's understandable too)


Originally Posted by golem09 (Post 1756)
We need some detective Conan or Sherlock Holmes

Or L.
Or Jessica Fletcher.
Maybe even Derrick.

PS : i missed the train but i once was a /b/tard, too.
Those days i try not to approach /b/ too much, i like my brain and i don't want it to melt too much. :mrgreen:

Oh and pool's closed due to AIDS.

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