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zeroryouko 2018.11.01 06:35 PM

Up until the spammers started taking over, the front page of the site used to say that the most users ever online was in 2009, IIRC.

The apron and mitts are more of a sign of who her fans are now than anything else. I doubt Ringo herself is doing much baking, but the (now) middle-aged women who listen to her probably do.

Tokyo Jihad 2018.11.02 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by Fauxie (Post 99251)
This forum is basically dead, isn't it.

Not dead, we're in the post-backlash era.

Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2) 2018.11.02 11:21 AM

Wherever in the world a disgruntled Ringo fan remains, so does EMF.

Lena-chan 2018.11.04 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by Fauxie (Post 99251)
This forum is basically dead, isn't it.

Quite the opposite!
We've spent 2 years offline, and now we are finally back from death
so maybe we are ... zombies?
Anyway, it takes a while for the rigor mortis to go away and we become fully functional and dynamic again

Inseu 2018.11.04 07:31 PM


Fauxie 2018.11.18 05:24 PM

lol your news forum hasn't had a new post in over two and a half years.

I never had any time for any music/artist forums, spending all of my time on prince.org. Many people left in the late 00s and many of us would call that place dead now (General Discussion, where the fun and lasting friendships happened, not the music forums, which are still very popular), but this is something else. Going through all the old threads here is fun for me though. The interactions remind me so much of my experience on the Prince fansite (although I'm only an observer in this case), it's just they're about SR/TJ. Same kinds of discussions and banter though. I'm filling in gaps with music and trivia, too, in a mad rush to get all my Ringo-related stuff in order by the end of the year while I have the time. I wonder how much I'll listen to Ringo after that, though, or indeed visit this site. I think I might be getting a bit sick of her after a month or two of only her, pretty much. I just need to maintain my enthusiasm a little longer and then she can go back to her place among my top 5-ish artists.

mizer_unmei 2018.11.28 01:39 AM

I legit just stick with Ringo from MM to HF. The b side album is gold too. Other than that I can’t be bothered. I read a Reddit post that Sunny was good and now that I have a streaming service I should at least give it a listen. Buuuuut I don’t. Heh.

15 years after first loving it I STILL go back to tadashii machi on the regular and get SO emotional over the whole “it doesn’t have momochi beach or you or the muromi river” part. Aaaaah it’s so good.

deadgrandma 2018.11.28 03:06 AM

Sunny onwards is the worst shit that ever happened to her

zeroryouko 2018.11.28 09:38 AM

Sunny isn't terrible. It's not great as a whole album, and the mastering borders on unlistenable, but with only a couple of exceptions, the individual songs are good. In fact, if you haven't listened to anything she's done after HF, you'll find some real gems on it.

Although...if you really haven't listened to anything after HF, I'd listen to Sanmon Gossip first.

mizer_unmei 2018.11.28 11:03 AM

Nah I was really into TJ stuff and Sanmon Gossip as it was coming out. The only stuff I go back to is the b-side album and before. The 2013 single is the last new song I heard from her though. I LOVED IT and the video but I just dropped off after that.

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