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justriiingo 2007.05.18 09:26 AM

teattum is starting to sound poetic. ;)

teattum 2007.05.18 12:33 PM

:blink: what make you say that? ?

justriiingo 2007.05.18 09:44 PM

don't worry about it, it's a good thing. :)

junior1987 2007.05.19 05:36 AM

Hi guys :D im a newly registered member and i joined this forum at the reccomendation of justriiingo. Incidently, she was the one who introduced me to tokyo jihen a few years back! Didnt really follow their progress until DAI died<_< and i suddenly chanced upon "Sounan" which she sent me long ago. I've not looked back since:P

As for SR, the first song that i heard fr her was tadachi machi. really loved that song then. Anyway, i like everything abt ringo! from her wierd antics to her song writing poweress everything jus wowed me. her nasal voice kinda irritated me initially tho..=x however she's just got that refreshing feel in her no matter how many times i watch or listen to her. thats cool. TJ is way cool too. i like everyone in phase 1 and 2..except uki. dont really think that he's good enough to be in TJ. i like hata's open handed playing..quite interesting. Overall i like the way TJ can merge so many different types of music into a single production. yeah. i like SR and TJ:D

ok anyway i'll intro myself a little bit. im 20 currently living in singapore..am in the army but waiting to get out..haha. i like soccer music percussion and poetry. i listen to mainly rock and jrock. for jrock i like dai l'arc lareine LS MM MUCC pierrot SMG siam shade xjapan.

Thanks to justriiingo once again for introducing me to TJ! cheers'

justriiingo 2007.05.19 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by junior1987 (Post 5793)
i like everyone in phase 1 and 2..except uki. dont really think that he's good enough to be in TJ.

Note: Not my influence at all!

badtzmaru 2007.05.19 04:18 PM

Yayy, welcome Junior!! :D ...It feels kind of weird calling you that--like I'm an old man addressing a kid or something. @_@;; Is it okay if we call you that?

Ohh, you're JR's friend!! :wub: Hehe, I bet you guys have fun bashing Uki together. XD I hope you like it here!

junior1987 2007.05.19 05:27 PM

Sure thing!:D

makenshiww 2007.05.25 10:03 AM

HEy alll.. might recognize me from other places .. but ya . im a new member here!!! . . ummm just looking for fun RINGO TIMES!

shirleyee 2007.05.26 11:18 AM

Nice to meet all of you:P You may recognize me from other places before...as I had to finish exam I visit here late.@_@
I became a fan after I listened to the Adult album due to curiosity. Shiina's voice is attractive for me.

CatchFiveBats 2007.05.26 09:45 PM

Welcome, maken and shirley! :)

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