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badtzmaru 2007.05.27 04:30 PM

Yay, welcome Maken and Shirley!! :D (I remember you from RC, Maken! :lol:) I'm glad you two joined us here!

madpawn 2007.05.29 06:35 PM

Hello! Nice to meet you all. I'm Madpawn, a teenager from Toronto, and huge Shiina Ringo fan who has converted many others. My favourite SR/TJ songs include Gamble (both HF and ZS versions), Shuukyou/Souretsu, Memai, Jusui Negai, Remote Controller and Aozora.

badtzmaru 2007.05.29 06:48 PM

Hi and welcome, Madpawn!! :D It's nice to have you here! :):D:lol::mellow::wub:

justriiingo 2007.05.29 07:47 PM

Great to see you here madpawn. :)

Ananda 2007.06.06 01:33 AM

I'm Ananda, but my real name is Thibaut, which is a French name, since I'm French.

I like a lot of different things when it comes to music but paradoxically, I think I'm very hard to satisfy :lol:

I'm a huge fan of Shiina Ringo since the release of Adult I think, and my favorite album is definitely KSK.

I think that's all for now. Oh I forgot the most important, here is my lastfm page.

EDIT : and I'm so sorry for my -sometimes- strange English, I'll try my best ...

badtzmaru 2007.06.06 09:09 AM

Welcome, Ananda!! :D I've never heard of Thibaut before; is it a rare name in France?? And I didn't even notice that your English sounds strange, so don't worry! :) Anyway, I hope you like it heree!

Ananda 2007.06.06 12:31 PM

Yes I know, non french people never understand my name and can't read it correctly :P, I worked with English people who thought my name was somehow exotic.

In January there were exactly 31.453 Thibaut, but a lot more of Thibault, which is pronounced the same way. So I guess it's not very rare, even if it's not the most frequently given name.

End of the dissertation about my forename.

I think I'm gonna like to be here, looks cool and way growner than a lot of jpop forums :)

reFuSeS 2007.06.07 12:11 AM

Hi! I'm new here. I'm Albert from Indonesia. And I'm a Tokyo Jihen lover. Nice to meet you all!! ^^

justriiingo 2007.06.07 01:43 AM

Hi Albert, selamat datang (welcome)!

Inaudible-Whisper 2007.06.07 07:47 AM

Hello Albert. I like your name :)

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