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Tokyo Jihad 2007.06.12 08:59 PM

Shiina and I still have something in common after all then ;)

(unless by "Ringo" you mean the Beatle, in which case thats 10xmore hardcore)

Jonny 2007.06.12 09:04 PM

(unless by "Shiina" you mean her soulless brother, than that's not even half as hardcore)

Tokyo Jihad 2007.06.12 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by Jonny (Post 9039)
(unless by "Shiina" you mean her soulless brother, than that's not even half as hardcore)

I laughed

Its still "Shiina"

fluffiethesock 2007.06.12 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by Jonny (Post 9033)
I thought we went through this already. Don't wee in the sea please. <_<

Hahahaha, that was a good response. :lol:


makenshiww 2007.06.13 06:07 AM

welcome wiimote ! . paper mario ROCKS! *played N64, and gamecude versions*

das_blibber 2007.06.13 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad (Post 9027)
Rez blows me away still. It was the reason I bought a ps2 (yet i didnt actually get Rez until 5 years after)

but i bought the Dreamcast to be able to enjoy Rez: semi-innovativ gameplay, great graphics and a hell of a soundtrack; btw, one of the artist, called "oval" is from my hometown, i know him since his first appearance and even saw him live once. he is one of the reasons why cologne (my homecity) had a worldwide reputation to be the home of the new electronic avangarde in the mid-90ties... yeah, yeah good (old) times :lol::lol::lol:

and while i am at it (and i received a very nice welcome and would like to share that):

welcome, wiimote! this is a wonderful community here with alot of information and love :) enjoy your stay :)

Maou 2007.06.13 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by wiimote (Post 9031)
Sad to say my Wii is has been neglected only after 3 months of purchase.:(
Now I'm anxiously for games like Metroid Prime 3 & Super Brothers Smash Brawl.

I still haven't seen one in a store yet. <_< Thankfully, I'm quite happy with my 360 even though it's been a slow period for games. Forza 2 is good and Prince of Persia Classic just came out. I'm hoping The Darkness is good.

Op2 2007.06.15 07:30 AM

nice to meet you all
I hope I learn a lot about all of you and that you welcome me into this community.
I would also like to learn more about Shiina Ringo and other japan music.

Nice to meet you!!

fluffiethesock 2007.06.15 08:57 AM

Hi mika-chan! When I first saw that you joined, you were listed as a guy and I must say I was a little confused. I'm glad to see everything is working out for you now ;)

Welcome to the forum :p

badtzmaru 2007.06.15 09:07 AM

Hiii, Mika-chan!! :D Welcome to EMF! I hope I get to know you better, too! <3

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