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CKSI 2007.06.17 06:57 AM

Hello, my name is Ciara...just thought I would say hi! >.<

Nimh 2007.06.17 07:45 AM

Hi Ciara, welcome to the forums.

Very cool SR pics, I don't think I've ever seen them before.

golem09 2007.06.17 10:08 AM

the avatar is very nice

Jonny 2007.06.17 01:09 PM

They are from Gb April edition 2003.

badtzmaru 2007.06.17 01:13 PM

Hello and welcome, Ciara!! :D

freshevryday 2007.06.17 09:24 PM

hi Ciara, your pics are really cool!

golem09 2007.06.20 04:45 AM


The Myspace page is... well, great XD
And you are 43? :c'mere:

justriiingo 2007.06.20 06:16 AM

Oh yes!
Welcome theblackshiina!
Have you seen OSCA yet?

Jonny 2007.06.20 07:28 AM


Let's just start with this, the interests:


*STEEL industry
*little girls
*new and exotic FOOM
*lady friend and Happy
*video chat
*windows 98
*red red
*funky dance

Steel.. industry? hmm okay
Little girls... uuuuhh.. okay. :c'mere: btw this is also written: " AND HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU BUT BE woman lady to SELF :) IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE HERE FOR JOKES.AND ALSO IF YOU ARE BELOW 11 YEARS OF AGE PLEASE FONT WRITE COS I WILL NOT REPLY TO YOU ."
Ringo shiina... WOOT
Lady friend and happy - Can't argue there
TechnologRy - Rrrright on
Video chat - ooooh yeah!
Windows 98 - yeah! 10年記念!!!
Red red - better than dead... juts dead
Funky dance - :waa: and singing? (didn't have a dancing smiley)
Shuriomp - shrimps?? Yuck

fluffiethesock 2007.06.20 07:32 AM

Hahahahaha, YESSSSS! The return of theBlackShiina is even more exciting than the arrival of OSCA!

"please add me to YOUR....ESPACE" , hahahahaha

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