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Cosmo! 2008.05.09 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad (Post 28922)
Little known fact to many of us americans, but there was a prequel to WWII. ;)

(Like the Alien movie series tho,the second was more exciting ;) )

The sequel really sucks.

jigenbakuda 2008.05.09 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad (Post 28922)
Little known fact to many of us americans, but there was a prequel to WWII. ;)

(Like the Alien movie series tho,the second was more exciting ;) )

Lmfao, yea that thing where the generals decided "whose ever meat grinder breaks first from inserting our own men is the loser... GO!!". Man, that war was too gruesome.

But please do not assume just because jigenbakuda did not pay attention in school, that americans are dumb or were never taught... I have no idea how intensively it was done in the florida school systems, but I don't feel I missed that much... To be honest I don't think it was covered that much... maybe in ap history or something.

How educational! 乙GJ!!! But that time period was pretty serious. Is the current japanese military mindset the same?

Tokyo Jihad 2008.05.09 12:21 PM

I'm not assuming anything about you jigen, if yer refferring to me. I just enjoy a good ol' American bashing ;)

And the thing about WWII, is that in HS its always at THE END of the semester so the teachers tend to rush through it

cjhobbies00 2008.05.09 06:25 PM

Americans are not dumb, the school system is just broken. There are so many teachers that are just simply disinterested and it's not entirely their fault.

Kids coming out of school in Europe are much more knowlegeable about the world around them, you can have conversations with them on anything, but high school students from the U.S...god, all my friends are examples of this, they know nothing beyond their own neighborhood.

kamikaze 2008.05.09 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by jigenbakuda (Post 28887)
Oh and I also know about the rape of nanking (however its spelled), those guys did things almost as bad as slavery times in america, and that's pretty bad.

with all due respect man, "almost as bad" hahaha. compared to what the Japanese did to Koreans and Chinese during that era, makes American Slavery seem like a a day at a country club.

I think Koreans and Chinese alike shoudn't hold grudges, but you can kinda understand the ones that do, especially since people who lived under a colonized Japan are still alive.

kamikaze 2008.05.09 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by Cosmo! (Post 28924)
The sequel really sucks.

Are you talking about the sequel to Alien or WWII? Because both really suck...

frecklegirl 2008.05.10 12:51 AM

also, jigenbakuda, lets not forget that Japan did just as many shitty things during WWII as the Americans did. Bomb hot air balloons? Anyone remember that? They're right there in the Tokyo-Edo Museum in Tokyo. They were sent over by Japan to North America. Largely ineffective, sure, but with malicious intent? Yes. And many other things too. It's not like the U.S. randomly attacked poor victim helpless Japan who didn't do ANYTHING to provoke the conflict. As much as places like the Hiroshima Peace Museum (*cough*) want to make you think is what happened. 9_9

cjhobbies00 2008.05.10 05:00 AM

Doesn't it feel weird comparing atrocities? Slavery vs. Japanese war crimes?
Most of the countries we know have done something in the past 100 years that they can truly be ashamed of. U.S. has led more than its fair share of inhumane wars, much of its territory was gained through conquest.
Is it disgusting how the Japanese try to cover up their crimes? Hell yeah, but Americans do it too. U.S. textbooks rarely expose the heinous aspects of conflicts like the Mexican war, or how about the fact that the Japanese was forced to take up a stance of imperialism after the U.S. appeared on the shores of japan with a navy and forced the government to sign an unjust treaty. If you connect the dots, Japan's policy of colonization during WWII can be directly attributed to American policy.

EmilScherbe 2008.05.10 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by jigenbakuda (Post 28925)
Is the current japanese military mindset the same?

Refusal to be prisoner was resulted to suicide or suicidal attack in hopeless situation.
The mindset neglecting human life in that period have been criticized after WW2.

Tokyo Jihad 2008.05.10 07:13 AM

America colonized pacific islands tho cuz the americans were either too fat and lazy to go back home, or their high school teachers never taught them where America was on a map so they just figured they were in Rhode Island or somesuch.

Japan, however, took over most of east Asia to better spread things like Hello Kitty and Robotech. In fact one could argue china and korea welcomed them. Compare this to the resistance of Guam to America.

America sux guyz is what im sayin
I am going to punch anyone that doesn't know this is a joke...cuz americans only know things like corporal punsihment -- amirite guyz?? =D

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