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Yumiko.S 2008.08.17 10:00 AM

I don't get a welcome? :_( waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh *sniffle*

Lena-chan 2008.08.18 04:18 AM

welcome yumiko.s XD

Yumiko.S 2008.08.18 11:42 AM


fromyesterday 2008.08.31 12:45 PM

Hi everyone~
I am a newbie.. totally a newbie.. xD
I watched a British documentary show on Japanese music (I think in June) and there they showed a bit of her "Honnou" PV... that made me youtube her. XD And then I found Kurumaya-san.. (and I love Enka..).. so these two got me into Shiina Ringo & Tokyo Jihen.. :))..
I'm 22, female, from Hungary...
I have never been to Japan but when I go.. I want to go to their concert! ^^ I hope I can. :)
Nice to be here. ;)
take care~

Ringo~Bingo 2008.08.31 12:48 PM

Hi Yesterday!! welcome to our forums!! :)

fromyesterday 2008.08.31 12:51 PM

thanks ^^ you can call me, Judu. ^^

Ringo~Bingo 2008.08.31 12:54 PM

how do Judu! :lol: (is it pronounced like Joo-Doo ?)

ShinjiPG 2008.08.31 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by Ringo~Bingo (Post 36921)
how do Judu! :lol:

Bingo, you're in good spirits :P

Welcome Judu! Don't feel bad, none of us have been in any of her/their concerts (except a few special members) so you'll feel at home xP

Lena-chan 2008.08.31 02:42 PM

judu X3
you're cute
I like you

Ringo~Bingo 2008.08.31 02:52 PM

Another girl Lena!! she can help you to stop the boys fighting!

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