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ssasami 2007.04.05 01:40 PM

Hello everyone. I've been an actual fan since the Sounan single came out. Because of my closemindedness when I first heard some SR solo stuff, I ignored her for a couple years after my innitial exposure to her greatness.

I listen to pretty much only female vocalists when listening to japanese music. GO!GO!7188 being my favorite band. The few American bands I listen to are male vocalists, like Primus and Helmet and several others. I also listen to a lot of techno/electronic stuff. That is what I was all about before becoming a J-Pop addict in 2003, and I still listen to some once in a while. I mostly listen to a shitload of J-Pop/rock/rap these days. I am a mailman, so I walk around with the soothing sounds of Japan coming from my Ipod all day.

I used to check out the Ringojihen forums once in a while, but I don't think I ever posted anything. I don't post in forums that often. Mostly because I usually view them on my cellphone, and posting from there usually doesn't work.

justriiingo 2007.04.05 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Jer (Post 474)
Nah, I didn't draw my sig. Saw it on /b/ and it was fukken saved. Also, orange is my favourite colour. Let's fuck.

Urm, I'm sorry, /b/?

(hopes that she doesn't make a fool of herself by saying the above)

Pancio 2007.04.05 03:03 PM

I'm here! I was "Pa-Chan" in Ringo Jihen forums. I'm a lurker in Ringo's fan world since the beginning of 2003. Cheers :D

Captain_Harlock 2007.04.05 03:18 PM

Helloes! I was "Pierrot" at the other forums. I just like to change my name all the time. Yeah. I'm too lazy to write something :3. Figure it out on your own.

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.05 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by justriiingo (Post 522)
Urm, I'm sorry, /b/?

(hopes that she doesn't make a fool of herself by saying the above)

/b/ is the random board on the BBS 4chan.org. Very, very scary place...definitely not for the squeamish or easily offended. Lots of funny stuff if you can stomach it, though.

Tokyo Jihad 2007.04.05 06:50 PM

You see, the prob is, nothing at 4chans really "funny." Its just the more time you spend there, the more your brain rots thus making things like "desu" and "does it feed?" seem funny when trust me, theyre not.

That said, I spend way to much time these days at 7chan. I feel mostly dirty and ashamed ='(

/you & me CatchFiveB)

Koh 2007.04.05 07:48 PM

Yes...4chan=brain melt

I think its awesome we all get to redo our intros haha...

Anyway though Im amber aka kohaku (amber) aka koh for short...I come around every now and then because most of you guys scare me *hides*
When I am here though I enjoy myself. Im an Art (emphasis photography) major and am very busy and very poor.

Domina 2007.04.05 07:55 PM

I don't really care for /b/. Other places on 4chan can be fun though.

I can't really remember how long I've liked SR. Took a while for me to be pulled into TJ though. The first thing I heard was "Service" and I just didn't like it that well.

Anyway! I'm a lurker on most forums, and fairly shy, so. Haha. Let's see how much I can post without hiding again.

Mr. Go-mahn 2007.04.05 09:31 PM

Hey, hey. You probably don't know me. Anyway, I've been a fan of Shiina Ringo for a little over a year. Yup. I like lots of other muzaks too. And video games. And art. I'm boring.

newyorkjihen 2007.04.05 10:02 PM

Hello. I don't post much, and when I do it's usually something stupid. This reputation thing is going to kill me...


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