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pocket 2008.11.29 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by Lena-chan (Post 42176)
OMG pocket!!! I'm your fan *3*

What did I do?? :lol:

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Inaudible-Whisper 2008.11.29 02:35 PM

My attempt at learning another language in school (French) was disastrous, so I have nothing but respect for anybody that manages to speak English like you guys. Don't ever hold back because of it, you're all fully understandable and we welcome you with open arms :wub:

Jonny 2008.11.29 04:39 PM

I know that if I'd be a tad more graphic designer (like, screen design), things would be much more easy. And I think we need to install a filter in the forums so no parts like "sorry for my English" get through to the database.

TeslaGuy 2008.11.30 05:23 AM

I understand how they feel. I occasionally apologize for my poor French at another forum. I know my French is bad, but am never quite certain how poor it is because, um, because my French is bad.

Yappabass 2008.12.04 06:56 AM

Hey guys,

I guess I'm just your average 19 year old black guy who games, plays bass, and likes listening to Japanese music (among many other things.) I know a 'decent' amount of Japanese, and I'm hoping to can eventually become fluent. But enough about me.

I fell in love with SR/TJ stuff a couple weeks ago, sort of by accident. I was tryin to suggest Japanese music to my friend so I was letting him listen to stuff on my iPod. I happened to have the song "Sounan" on my iPod (not sure how it got there) and ended up looking up more of their music. By chance, the first thing I was able to find was Tokyo Jihen's 'Dynamite Out' concert, which blew me away since I usually hate the live versions of songs. I'm now in the process of listening to and collecting of TJ's albums and Shiina's solo work.

Just from reading around the forums I think I may have started backwards, as I've listened to Tokyo Jihen's Kyouiku and Adult albums like 100 million times and just actually started listening to Shiina's solo work today. I haven't been listening to all of their material for very long so I haven't gotten a chance to formulate any kind of rankings in terms of my favorite songs/ albums. So far though, Kyouiku is probably my favorite Tokyo Jihen album and I've been amazed at what I've heard from SR's solo album Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana (did I get that right? lol)

I guess that's a long enough "Introduction" and I hope I'll be able to meet some other Shiina/TJ fans and...enrich my fandom..or something like that lol.

merman 2008.12.04 07:12 AM

Actually I think it wasn't bad to start with Tokyo Jihen; I discovered Ringo just after her solo career, TJ were probably formed as a regular band by that time, but not even Gunjou biyori was out by then. I liked Kyouiku a lot, I was less impressed with Adult (although I still have to say it's pretty damn good), and liked Variety in a way but always thought it's their weakest album. I thought it's going to grow on me but it really didn't have much chance, as I've always listened to SR solo more.
However you can probably appreciate them a lot more, which is a good thing... so, have a good time discovering just how great she was even before TJ! :)

justriiingo 2008.12.04 07:14 AM

Welcome to the forums Yappabass.
You're on the right track, Tokyo Jihen Phase 1 is the greatest!
Have you had the chance to watch the Electric Mole concert yet? If you liked DO, EM might just blow you away. ;)

Ringo~Bingo 2008.12.04 07:17 AM


Originally Posted by justriiingo (Post 42505)
EM might just blow you away. ;)

It'll do more than that!! it will alter how you view life in general :hmph: you'll think to yourself afterwards 'how did life even mean anything before that' :lol:


Anyway, welcome to the forums!:)

ShinjiPG 2008.12.04 10:02 AM

Welcome to the forums Yappabass.
Nice introduction :)

frecklegirl 2008.12.05 02:37 PM

Welcome everyone :)

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