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frecklegirl 2007.03.25 08:11 AM

New Members Thread
New members, introduce yourselves! Say a few words about how long you've been a fan, what (or who) got you into the music, and just let everyone know you're here!

Tokyo Jihad 2007.04.02 03:55 PM

Did I do this write? :confused:

kourai 2007.04.02 11:34 PM

So... i'm here too, :) and i changed my avatar... now you have a picture of me drawn by Liester with Shiina's Apple on my arm as a tattoo... i'm gonna miss my old kronekodow...

Linnéa 2007.04.03 02:55 AM

I'm Linnéa (a.k.a. usaagi on the old forums). I've been a fan since sometime round 2003.
This feels very weird (introducing myself again). But oh well. Nice to meet you!

golem09 2007.04.03 03:08 AM

I've been a fan since sometime round 2003. Wait, I read that somewhere..
doesn't matter.
I'm here and happy, but my old signature feels very oversized in this new place

Jonny 2007.04.03 04:07 AM

Hello. I've been a fan for some years now. De wa...

CatchFiveBats 2007.04.03 04:16 AM

Howdy howdy, I'm Zac. This will be my fourth post in a New Members thread on an SR forum, so I'll make this brief.

Only been a fan for a couple months now, found out about TJ from a post on 4chan's /t/ (which snowballed into SR), and um...yeah, I'm here. Hooray for new forums!

clakaz 2007.04.03 05:02 AM

Hello, I'm clakaz, the lurker.

Fan since 2003, maybe.
I'm not the active member kind, but if I have something relevant to say, I will give my two cents, if my language skills permit (I know some japanese and some english in the same level, not a comfortable level, I must say).

Anyway, good luck to everyone e have fun!

justriiingo 2007.04.03 08:00 AM

hi all!
it's justriiingo. :)
I've been a fan since 2001/2002 and I got into Ringo because Luna Sea disbanded. Big cheers to all the admin here for setting this up, esp to Glath who I know has been putting in tonnes of hours into this. :)

badtzmaru 2007.04.03 09:40 AM

Hello, again!
My name is Erin, and I've been a fan since the "Shuraba" PV. :)

I don't know what else to say, but it's good to see everyone here!! <3

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