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deadgrandma 2011.04.10 06:28 PM

Worst movie you have ever seen
Mission Impossible 2

Maou 2011.04.10 06:40 PM


deadgrandma 2011.04.10 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by Maou (Post 73172)

It was quite overrated, maybe wine and whine doesnt do it for me

Glathannus 2011.04.10 07:57 PM

I actually liked Sideways. Not loved, but liked.
I feel very much in the main character's shoes, with the amount of nuances I make distinctions about in audio or other things, versus the vaguely approving or disapproving manner of other people I've dealt with online and offline. I've also known a guy or two who thought with their dick just as much as the second-to-main character of Sideways.

cjhobbies00 2011.04.10 10:15 PM

These are the worst movies you've seen? Come on.

It's a hard question, though. It's either Transformers 2 or Battlefield Earth.
Battlefield Earth might actually be better. I remember being slightly intrigued with my friends in the empty theater until John Travolta appeared.

Nimh 2011.04.10 10:21 PM


deadgrandma 2011.04.10 11:36 PM

Well, I guess I chose Mission Impossible 2 cause it was so disappointing after the hype up. And the songs on the soundtrack weren't even on the movie.

For plain awful bad, Get Him to the Greek.

so_cold 2011.04.11 01:24 AM

Moulin Rouge. A load of mugging, overacting thespians all up in your face and terrible singing. Thank god it wasn't in 3D. Fortunately the friend I saw it with hated it as much as I did and suggested we should leave. Still the only film I've ever walked out of.

I liked Sideways...

MBF 2011.04.11 03:39 AM

Must have been Immortal


I mean, there's nothing wrong with making ambitious movies with a low budget, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get a decent script!!

Close runner-up would be Eli Roth's Cabin Fever, with the only memorable part being pancake-boy.

Nimh 2011.04.11 06:30 AM

Man, you people are harsh. Sideways and Cabin Fever aren't exactly D.W. Griffith, but hardly the worst ever made. Then again, this is purely a matter of taste: the "worst you've seen" and not "the worst ever made."

Here's a few I've walked out on because it was either that or stab myself to death with a soda cup straw:

American Me
The Last Action Hero
Amelie (hated it!)
Something's Gotta Give

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