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matan-san 2012.04.23 09:31 AM

how to delete a post?
sorry for the stupid question, but I couldn't figure out how to delete posts?

Glathannus 2012.04.23 10:44 AM

You start off by first attempting to Edit the post. If you also have the privilege of Deleting the post - you will then see that option too.

Administrator(s) may decide it's for the greater good of a community, to designate one or more of the sub-forums as no-edit or no-delete zones. There can also be time windows for this, too.

matan-san 2012.04.23 11:02 AM

so I guess I don't have that privilege. but I don't get why not let everyone delete their own posts if they want to?

Tokyo Jihad 2012.04.23 03:05 PM

Spammers and ne'er-do-wells

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