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chestnutflowers 2018.04.19 06:49 PM

[SR] 2018.5.23 Adam to Eve no Ringo (CD) [Cover Album]
Adam to Eve no Ringo

  1. AI – Tsumi to Batsu
    Producer: AI & Gakushi
  2. Inoue Yosui – Carnation
    Producer: H.GARDEN, Arranger: Inoue Yosui
  3. Utada Hikaru & Obukuro Nariaki – Marunouchi Sadistic
    Producer: Utada Hikaru & Obukuro Nariaki
  4. Kimura Kaela – Koko de Kiss Shite.
    Arranger/Producer: Kameda Seiji, Piano Arranger: Ichiyo Izawa
  5. Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Jiyuu e Michizure
    Producer/Programming: Yoichiro Nomura
  6. Tajima Takao – Tsugou no Ii Karada
    Producer: Tajima Takao (ORIGINAL LOVE)
  7. Fujiwara Sakura – Akane Sasukiro Terasa Redo
    Arranger/Producer: Keiichi Tomita (Tomita Lab)
  8. Matsu Takako – Arikitari no Onna
    Arranger/Producer: Satoshi Shiotani
  9. Miura Daichi – Suberidai
    Aranger: UTA & Miura Daichi
  10. MIKA - Sid to Hakuchuumu
    Arranger: Jonathan Quarmby for 365 Artists
  11. RHYMESTER – Honnou
    Producer: Mr. Drunk, Turntables: DJ JIN
  12. LiSA – NIPPON
    Arranger: Schroeder-Headz & Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO'S)
  13. Rekishi – Koufukuron
    Producer: Rekishi
  14. The Urashima’s (Vo. Masamune Kusano from SPITZ, Dr. Hideya Suzuki from Mr. Children, Gt. Kensuke Kita from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Ba. Ryosuke Korenaga from Ame no Parade) – Tadashii Machi
    Producer: Kameda Seiji
Release Information:
Release Date: May 23, 2018
Price: JYP 3,000 + tax, USD 27.86 + tax
Catalog #: UPCH-20485
Available from: CD Japan

chestnutflowers 2018.04.19 06:59 PM


Inoue Yosui

Kimura Kaela

Tajima Takao





zeroryouko 2018.04.20 02:50 PM

That RHYMESTER remix is just wrong.

a_grumble_cake 2018.04.21 01:53 AM

Congrats to MIKA for elevator music-ing Sid to Hakuchuumu more than Ringo could ever hope to by herself. Is this the western musician MIKA?

All of these have their own flair except I guess Kimura Kaela who is just doing karaoke.

chestnutflowers 2018.04.21 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by a_grumble_cake (Post 98291)
Is this the western musician MIKA?

Yes, he's a fan of her apparently.

Mika mentioned Ringo as one of his favorite Japanese artists, alongside Puffy AmiYumi, The Yellow Monkey, Yoko Kanno, and the Yoshida Brothers; in several interviews during his visit to Japan in 2007.
Interview, starts at 0:45


When Courtney Love visited Japan in 2001, she was recommended several Japanese female rock singers by the music magazine editor of rockin'on. Sheena and Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her were in Courtney's favor.
It would have been fun if they somehow got Courtney to cover Gips, ha.

NCORE 2018.04.23 06:05 AM

I think Courtney Love would've been more interesting for sure. Though MIKA being on it is surprising.
Not sure about this album, looks to be quite forgettable like it's cover art, although that the Urashima's cover of Tadashii Machi sounds nice. Not as good as the MM version or Shiina's cover of Spica, but good :P

Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2) 2018.04.23 06:29 AM

I want to know why the maestro of Ringo covers, Scott Murphy, wasn't invited to participate here! :hmph:

NCORE 2018.04.24 06:13 AM

Did you look that up or actually remember the guy's name? :P

Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2) 2018.04.24 07:09 AM

It was branded on to me after the first time I heard his audio atrocity all these years ago. You can't forget!

a_grumble_cake 2018.04.25 03:41 AM

I remember some old rambling myspace post of Courtney's from around 2008-9 where she suddenly threw a "and whatever happened to sheena ringo anyway", so it didn't sound like she was all that familiar with Ringo but it was still funny. It's Ringo's rock song and subversive rock girl persona that she liked so I'm not sure she would be into 2018 Ringo.

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