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Slowdive 2019.04.04 01:05 PM

New album 三毒史 announced
Out May 27th

13 songs including



thespidereggs 2019.04.04 01:30 PM

Damn, beat me to it! :P Thanks for posting the official announcement.

According to this source, Jiyuu-dom and Shijou no Jinsei will apparently be on the album as well. So that leaves 7 new songs on the tracklist. I guess that reads as slightly less offensive than SUNNY'S tracklist (which had 7 singles and 6 new songs)?

And what a promo shoot. I could try and speculate on the sound based on the photos but then you throw Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri and Jiyuu-dom in the mix and I end up getting confused lol. My gut reaction was that a darker sound would be refreshing, but the suit of armor and wings seem like a lot of camp on this one.

Does anyone have a read on the romaji for the title?

The title is sandokushi.

deadgrandma 2019.04.04 06:13 PM

I wrote this


Has everything that Kronekodow said

Im only gonna trust the official source seeing as everywhere is reporting different shit.

chestnutflowers 2019.04.04 06:18 PM

No Ma Cherie is odd.

Promo shots are rad, though.

deadgrandma 2019.04.04 06:28 PM

Yeah that is pretty odd, was just gonna write that haha. Perhaps she's counting it as a NEW song so didn't put it in the pre-released list?

Still, no final tracklist yet.

Which is also odd, seeing as its only 1.5 months away.

Lena-chan 2019.04.05 02:07 AM

To me the promo pic kinda looks like one of those ads for mmorpg games that appear when you are playing clicker/incremental mobile games
but that's not a bad thing, it's only funny

JimmyKoria 2019.04.05 04:33 AM


Originally Posted by Lena-chan (Post 99534)
To me the promo pic kinda looks like one of those ads for mmorpg games that appear when you are playing clicker/incremental mobile games
but that's not a bad thing, it's only funny


I feel like I'm getting Soul Calibur vibes. Shiina Ringo just wanted to rep her custom character.

gekokujyo 2019.04.05 07:41 AM

i mean surely we've all seen this..............


Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3icw71u9lo

zeroryouko 2019.04.05 09:45 AM

Ringo wore it better.

deadgrandma 2019.04.06 02:36 AM

So some fun time regarding the concepts of the album. Here's two things I noted talking to people and sifting through the hype:

(It may be coincidence, maybe not.)

1. After reading into the sandoku beliefs (three poisons) I found this quite striking (source): All human beings are born with sandoku: (1) tonyoku (貪欲, “greed”), (2) shinni (瞋恚, “anger” or “resentment”), and (3) guchi (愚痴, “stupidity” or “ignorance”).

Note how the third one is called guchi. Pretty damn similar to GUCCI, no?

2. Secondly, on Kronekodow, she talks about how the three poisons are represented by chicken, boar and snake. Our old buddy op2 pointed this out to me on the Ringo Expo '18 announcement image:

Check out what 3 animals the aliens are abducting, coincidence?

Anyway. This album, conceptually, is probably the most exciting thing since KZK. Hopefully at least SOME of the music lives up to the thought she has seemingly put into it.

Also, finally, and while not necessarily relating to the album itself, I found this interesting tweet that seems more than relevant on the 20th anniversary on Muzai Moratorium

Maybe it's something. Maybe its nothing. Maybe I'm just fanboying- something I have not done regarding Shiina Ringo for about five years.

Feels good.

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