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deadgrandma 2015.01.04 03:04 PM

Ringo News 2015
Because it is no longer the year of our Lord Twenty Fourteen, it's time to make a new thread, so here goes, with the first tidbit of Ringo news of '15:

As brought up by mrnarse:


Originally Posted by mrnarse (Post 93004)
It's been announced that Shiina's writing and composing another song for SMAP that's being released on 2/18. It'll be the theme song for an upcoming drama.

karei naru gyakushuu
Magnificent Counterattack

No word on that rumored single that was dated for 2/11, even though this SMAP release comes out a week after that date.

Whether or not this constitutes as the new single listed on the prophetic Chinese blog is yet to be seen. I surely hope not. Could it be that Chinese Nostradamus got it wrong this time?

Also "Magnificent Counterattack" -is this a sequel to "Quiet Counterattack"? Will this song be as badly mastered as SUNNY? Will Jihad inexplicably like it? Will my scoffing initial impressions lead to eventual approval? Questions, questions, questions for a song that ultimately will be forgotten after one spin! (well, at least till Reimport 2) :-p


Inseu 2015.01.04 03:28 PM

All these questions don't matter. The important thing is to accept that Ringo is a collaboration artist and will stay this way for a long long time, until Sonata and Noa become economically independent adults. Also, becoming a hardcore Ringo collector is irrelevant, irrational, and inconsequential. Last but not least, SMAP sucks balls.

deadgrandma 2015.01.04 03:44 PM

Some extra info if anyone actually cares:

The show this new SMAP song is from is starting tomorrow so we'll be able to get a taste of it pretty soon.

Also, single it's from is a double a-side. As far as I can tell, noone knows if Ringo penned both songs or just the one.

Guess just wait till it officially pops up on Kronekodow to find out.

mrnarse 2015.01.04 07:26 PM


It's saying here that the rumored 2/11 single is now scheduled for release on 2/25. If we're going by the SMAP announcement's timeframe, then we should get an official announcement of the new Ringo single in about a week.

Her single will also be a drama tie-in, so we should hear it sometime this month.

deadgrandma 2015.01.05 05:20 AM


This is the site of the show that features the SMAP song. I think the trailer may have it playing in the background, but it's almost inaudible cause of the dialog from the show.

If her single ties in with a drama too, it better be along the lines of Oishii Kitesu.

Inseu 2015.01.05 03:41 PM

I see AKB member Yuko Oshima in that trailer.

deadgrandma 2015.01.05 03:55 PM


椎名林檎が、SMAPに楽曲を書き下ろしいたしました。タイトルは「華麗な る逆襲」。この曲は、ドラマ「銭の戦争」の主題歌ともなっていて、2月18日(水)にはシングルリリースも予定されています。2012年の「真夏の脱獄 者」以来の椎名林檎×SMAP。「華麗なる逆襲」、どうぞご期待ください。


フジテレビ系 22時~

Should be able to hear the OP at least by tomorrow.

Still no official announcement on her own single yet.

gekokujyo 2015.01.05 07:23 PM

am actually in japan now so I shall try to catch this tonight......

Inseu 2015.01.05 09:19 PM

Only the regular edition of the single has a remix version of the 華麗なる逆襲. Limited editions don't have that. It's like limited edition is a nice jewel box with turd on the inside, whereas the regular edition is turd with jewel on the inside.

deadgrandma 2015.01.06 06:01 PM

Ringo got SMAP'd

From end credits of show.
Sounds lame. Coulda been written by anyone, I hear no Ringo-isms whatsoever.

Who's buying? :-p

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