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Tokyo Jihad 2007.09.08 07:57 PM

What they're saying about us! The exclusive report!
Ever wonder what is said about Shiina/Jihen outside of this gated community? There's some interesting tidbits!


I've noticed that the ringo/tokyo jihen fanbase is pretty annoying. i really like ringo... but she has probably the most annoying fans ever,
D'oh what was that now?


I notice a lot of them are pretty pretentious
The man's got a good point. I agree. Rep ++


But a lot of her fans sort of take it upon themselves to be the judges of what is "Ringo" and what is not;
Well now, I see nothing wrong with this behavior. :ph43r: =P


"Ringo has been elevated to a sort of cult-goddess status, and fans of this sort seem to be mindless followers in the sense that criticism is nonexistent for them."


I can't stand how so many of the Electric Mole forum members champion Hirama's guitar playing and hate everything Ukigumo does. I think Uki is obviously a better, more unique player. It's impossible for them to see that.
:wakka: Who would think such things like we couldnt?!


Everyone on the Ringo Jihen forums have been arguing OSCA to death. Apparently most people are of the opinion that if OSCA wasn't done by Tokyo Jihen, nobody would like it. (Anyone?)
This is particularly interesting because around these parts, this idea was supposedly the minority. More proof that the anti-heroes are that 1337. :D

So there you have it. Just a little somethin-somethin that drifted my way. Thought it would be interesting to share. How else could we know were an annoying pretentious bunch?
well...i guess we already sorta arrived that that really.... >_<

HEDOfloe 2007.09.08 08:54 PM

Thank goodness for all the variety that TJ and Ringo have afforded us that we can even have such an active place to be all "pretentious" and "mindless".

Op2 2007.09.08 09:24 PM

What? Who exactly is saying this? Source? Hahaha...

Tokyo Jihad 2007.09.08 09:27 PM

A certain japanese music forum. I won't link it (to protect the innocent), but it wont be impossible to find, i don't think.

HEDOfloe 2007.09.08 10:35 PM

Oh, wow. I thought this was like quotes you gathered from talking with people on aim. I didn't expect another forum to actually be bad-mouthing us.

Ananda 2007.09.09 02:31 AM

I don't come here too often so I think I can assume I'm not too pretentious and annoying.

That made me laugh :P :


Ringo has been elevated to a sort of cult-goddess status, and fans of this sort seem to be mindless followers in the sense that criticism is nonexistent for them.
I actually saw no jpop artist whose fans are more inclined to criticism.

Glathannus 2007.09.09 05:00 AM

I would go to that community and set the record straight, but anything I could say (no matter how journalistic) would get defeated by unspoken prejudice, based on the infant postcount I'd have over there.

I don't think there really is a "majority" of any demographic amongst our fanbase in this community. There's a lot of lovers, dissenters, and moderates, and I think it's all evenly divided (in terms of people - but not in terms of posts)

Outsiders come to their conclusions about this community, (unknowingly) based on the following circumstances:

1.) Even if the dissenters don't make up a majority, they have pretty big fucking mouths, and whether or not what they're saying is actually right, their words are going to get the most noticed, not just because it pierces peoples' comfort level and makes an impression, but mainly because, let's face it - the dissenters have spent more time arguing (or re-arguing) their side, than anybody else. The overwhelming presence of undispelled disapproval from a select few, shapes an atmosphere that gives off the vibes of "Shiina Ringo's foreign fanbase in general has gone batshit crazy".

2.) Perspective of others, is based on your own bias. If your political leanings are far-right, then anyone who is a moderate, is "basically the same" as far-left to you. My correlation to this example is you have these fans outside Electric Mole who think there are no qualities we lost with Hirama, and we'll (for the sake of argument) call these people "far-Uki" (a few of them seem to be moderates - but of course the ones with the biggest mouths over there are "far-Uki" and those are the comments we're talking about here). This bias creates the perception that two-thirds of our memberbase is "far-Hirama", because let's face it, one third really is "far-Hirama", and the other third is moderate. There seem to be "center-Hirama"s here and "center-Uki"s in this other community, but I'm just mentally throwing half of them into "moderate" and the other half into "far-this" or "far-that" so this touchy feeling 'math' doesn't get more complicated than it has to be for the point I'm trying to illustrate.

3.) During the (increasingly) rare occassion when a moderate actually speaks up in the middle of a debate, and tries to talk about how both sides are great, it is all-too-easy for advocates of either side to branch off of what the moderate said, to 'prove' their own side, and then the moderates stop speaking up because they're viewed as either an enemy or ally by someone of a certain side - based on which side was most successful in conjuring up their own context out of that moderate's words, and then it's mostly the lovers versus the haters, with the haters having much larger postcounts in Electric Mole for the same amount of people. The few moderates who never give up on advocacy, continue to be outspoken in this community, and then like some electoral college based on total posts, the haters got the most, and winner takes all, so the 'vote' of the moderates goes to the haters, as far as these outsiders are subconsciously concerned.

4.) These people talking trash about Electric Mole, apparently haven't taken a look at The Principles of this Community, and they probably should. I'm glad that at least some of the folks making those comments, are actually posting here nowadays, even if I think they're just as crazy (but in a different way) as they probably think I am. Electric Mole was started up so all sides could express themselves freely, not so the tables could get turned in favor of the oppressed veteran haters. It's equal opportunity here, so if people aren't taking their opportunity and if there's an imbalance in posts because of that, at least it isn't being caused by staff intervention.

I think it's unproductive to criticize our memberbase from afar. If these people call themselves Shiina Ringo or Tokyo Jihen fans and they like to discuss those topics in messageboard(s), they should be here instead (and as I understand it - a significant portion of them already are here), arguing their case, and/or getting to know other people who share their priorities. What would they have to lose? It's not like if they succeeded in telling off the "majority", that their post(s) would get deleted. Different perspectives, gives this community more to talk about, and that's always been more ideal to me than everyone being a lover or everyone being a hater.

I don't think any other fanbase is as mixed as this one. This needs to be regarded as an intellectual opportunity instead of as a problem.

Tokyo Jihad 2007.09.09 07:25 AM

See, over there I am "every body" whereas here I'm a "big fuckin' mouth."
I get no respect, I tell ya =(

frecklegirl 2007.09.09 08:29 AM

Wow, what an informed opinion. *snerk*

Tsuchiya 2007.09.09 11:32 AM

Haha, one of those quotes was from me.

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