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frecklegirl 2008.07.23 12:58 AM

New Super Mods
Looks like the cat's out of the bag so I'll go ahead and make this official!

First off let me say this decision really has nothing to do with me. I merely approve of it. :)

But please congratulate our two new Super Moderators, Inaudible-Whisper and cjhobbies00!!


Lena-chan 2008.07.23 04:35 AM

yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy whispamon & choobies
whispamon & choobies seems a candy-shop name LoL

Inaudible-Whisper 2008.07.23 05:27 AM


Thanks guys. It was great to even be considered on the first place.


whispamon & choobies seems a candy-shop name LoL
Only you could notice such a thing Lena. It really does :D

cjhobbies00 2008.07.23 07:16 AM

Ty guys, promise to bring my Sword of Justice down on all those Chinese spammers

Ringo~Bingo 2008.07.23 10:32 AM

what's the difference between a Moderator & a Super Moderator ? what powers do you have ?

Inaudible-Whisper 2008.07.23 10:54 AM

I think it was mainly due to the fact that Freckles and NIMH Rat aren't around as often, or not enough to run the place alone. I will mostly be moving & deleting inappropriate threads & posts or threads in the wrong place, banning spammers, uploading external pictures as attachments so they don't die when the external link does and generally keeping things in order. It's more admin work than general policing which, thus far, this place hasn't needed to much of aside from the obvious op2 incident.

Aside from that, we can fly.

Glathannus 2008.07.23 03:24 PM

Regular moderators are given power only over specific subforum(s), which means once they move a post, it's probably out of their jurisdiction. Senior/Super/Global Moderators are given power over posts/threads within all the forums. It's like being an admin who can't change peoples' passwords/emails, or merge/delete accounts, or reorganize the site layout. If a spammer shows up and posts replies in 5 different subforums, a senior moderator could merge it all together into one new trash board thread, in one swoop.

But in any case, kudos to each of you!

Tokyo Jihad 2008.07.23 03:26 PM

Good job, boys.

Inaudible-Whisper 2008.07.23 03:37 PM

Thanks Jihad et Glath :)

badtzmaru 2008.07.23 07:37 PM

Hooray! Congratulations, Whispermon and Choobies!!!! *glomps*

I know you guys will do great, and I feel safe with you guys protecting the forums! You two have already won my heart! :P

I guess Whispermons are like gummy bears, but what about Choobies? @_@

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