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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

I got something to say here!

TFA is the best of this trilogy. Maybe its candy, maybe it rehashes, but it is tight and efficient and it can be rewatched over and over. Underrated.

I like TLJ, but I don't love it. There's some weird stuff I like, like the Reylo Connection stuff, the Casino and Benicio Del Toro stuff, Luke. Some stuff I didn't, those freaky horse things, the ice foxes. I liked how it toyed with people trying to match it up to Empire/other Star Wars, and the throne room scene is the best in the trilogy, and maybe the whole franchise. But, its a drag to watch. It might sound silly, but I feel too sad about the people that eat it in the first action scene. This is good storytelling, but I don't want to feel sad or stressed some times.

TROS is awful and makes me never want to see a Star Wars again.
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