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Originally Posted by shirasagi View Post

Speaking of which, I love how every side of the vinyl starts with one of the interludes, and divides the album into four distinct parts. It feels like less of an undertaking than having 18 tracks. Also, design-wise the reissue is a huge letdown - why is there only one piece of paper with one photograph on each side? It's a crime to leave out the artwork, especially when it could be printed in a 12-inch format. I would gladly pay extra for that.

You mean they didn't even include the lyrics and CD artwork? Usually her album pamphlets have amazing photos and art. This album in particular stands out. Breastfeeding (?) the pig, I'll never forget what a shock when I first saw that photo.

I'm glad you brought this thread back up. One of my friends let me listen to her Tori discography for a week back in the early 2000's. I really feel more geared towards songs with haunting vocals and music. Caught a Light Sneeze being one. I don't follow Tori much anymore but it feels good to go back to something that was so amazing.
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