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Originally Posted by shirasagi View Post
Yeah, I actually wanted to frame the breastfeeding picture until I found out that it is not there! That's a real missed opportunity right there - what I don't understand is that Tori Amos is listed as the executive producer for the reissue, so it must have been her choice, at least in part.

This album has truly aged like fine wine - it just gets better with time.

And yeah, Native Invader was good, but I haven't listened to it since it came out really. I always go back here.

Like everyone else, she's grown, so I can see her distancing herself a bit.

I'm listening to Native Invader at the moment on Spotify. Broken Arrow is a trip of a track. It's got that 60's/70's subtle funk but modern. I'm only 3 tracks in and I'm happy. Wings seems very early/mid 90's inspired. I've been on an Allie X kick and her first and second album drew from that sound but kept it modern. Can't wait to listen to the rest in the morning.

P.S. I hope DeadGrandma can be reincarnated soon. He's been a dead old lady for so long.
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