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Default Which SR songs would you save?

Which Ringo songs would you save, if you could change reality and re-distribute all the songs she released in the past 15 or so years?

Inspired by the simultaneous hope and hopelessness that some of us feel for the present situation of Ringo's musical output I decided to make this thread. I wanted to imagine an alternate universe in which we would all still be amazed by (mostly) anything released by Ringo after KZK, or at least we would still consider her good... you know.

So the rules are:
- Only SR solo material released after KZK, TJ can have its own thread. If you want you can even count Ringo no Uta in.
- Don't put things like HF versions of KZK songs or things like that, let's try to think about hypothetical albums with "new songs", which I believe would have been the ideal for all of us
- If you want you can arrange the songs in albums (symmetry not needed), and also in singles with b-sides. I don't think I'll do this right now, maybe if get inspired tomorrow or later.

Ok, here are the songs I would save:
From her singles (songs that also appear in albums don't count):

Kono yo: Sakuran - Onkio ver. (as an album track)

Ariamaru: SG (as an A-side)

Carnation: watashi no aisuru hito (as an album track)
Jinsei wa omoidoori (still as a b-side)

Irohanihoheto: Kodoku no akatsuki (as the one and only version, album track)

Nippon: Sakasa ni kazoete (as an album track )

From her albums:

Hatsukoi Shoujo (as an A-side )

Ryuukou (as an A-side)
0 chiten kara
Futaribocchi jikan (as a b-side)
Mayakashi otoko
togatta teguchi
irokoizatta (as a b-side)
Bonsai hada (as an A-side, released in december)

Ukina: netsuai hakkakuchuu (as a b-side)

Reimport 1:
Shuen no Onna
Kachū no Otoko (as a b-side)
Seishun no Matataki (as a closing track, for sure)
Manatsu no Datsugokusha
Bōenkyō no Soto no Keshiki (as an instrumental for the b-side "望遠鏡の中の記憶", because this song is good and she never did her version of it with vocals)
Ketteiteki Sanpunkan (as an A-side, sorry Chiaki Kuriyama, your best single wouldn't have been released by you in my alternative reality)
Capuccino (as a b-side)

Kudamono no Heiya (as an A-side, with its original title and lyrics)
Jiyū e Michizure (as a b-side)
Hashire Wa Number
Sekidō o Koetara
JL005-bin de (as an A-side)
Irohanihoheto (still as an A-side)
carnation (not as an A-side tho, more like a nu-Onaji yoru)
Ariamaru tomi (as a bonus track that comes only with the vinyl version)

Reimport 2:
Jinsei wa Yume Darake (as a b-side)
Anya no Shinjuudate (as an A-side)
Usurahi Shinjuu
The Heavy Metallic Girl (in japanese, please)
Otona no okite (in japanese and as a b-side)
Naute no Dorōboneko
Yasei no dōmei (another closing track)

Niwatori to hebi to buta
Ma chérie
Kakeochisha (not as an A-side)
Kamisama, hotokesama
Nagaku mijikai matsuri (as a b-side)
Shijou no jinsei (as a b-side)
Isogaba maware (weird, now I like this song O.o)
Jiyuudom (as a b-side)
Anoyo no mon

Now that I put everything in perspective I see I like her releases better than I thought I did O_O
and you know that all the samba and bossa inspired songs I would put in one album called "Sunny"(an alternative reading of archaic kanjis of heaven and hell, or something like this) with its closing track about soccer called "BURAJIRU"


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