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Other than being frustrated by the lack of any cohesion, I generally had a good time with the sequel trilogy.

TFA was a fun beginning to the trilogy which staged a bunch of stuff that would either be torn down or ignored until the third movie, but on its own it was a decent effort.

I was strongly in the anti-Last Jedi camp, but my anger has subsided a bit with time and with my enjoyment of The Rise of Skywalker. That's not to say that I like TLJ now, but I'm not as upset about it anymore. Not rewatching it has probably also helped.

TROS, in my opinion, has been unjustly maligned. It's not a perfect movie, but I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. The presence of the main bad dude was a little bit of a letdown but made perfect sense for the final movie in the series. I thought JJ did a pretty good job of rebuilding and wrapping up a story that had no overarching focus.
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