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Well said TJ, I didn't enjoy listening to Kyoiku until I saw this DVD.
Man I agree with pretty much everything you said about the songs, except may be Superstar, it felt under-cooked on Dynamite, especially when I was expecting more from Hirama instead of that generic powerchord guitaring, it was still good though.
Ekimae was amazing, I like how the one guitar riff at the outro makes it so much more intenese and moody. And lets not forget the cute little dance that SR did during the Dynamite and the member introduction. Have any one coined a name for it yet? the Dynamite Shuffle?

Yea whats with the comic? All I know is that it was about a kid name hiroshi who got lost underground, and trying to find his way to his mother with the help of a mole name mogura.When they did find his mother, the mole invited them back to his place (with Hiroshi all rolled up...) and they made out (Mogura wa osuki desu ka lol)... after having hiroshi taped to the hole on the roof (naisu aidea katakana english rawks).... Can some one scanlated it please? I have no idea what the middle part of the comic was about...
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