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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

Now then. At the old forums me, my crew, and even others, really went to great lengths to praise this dvd. I personally think thisis the single best release Shiina has ever put out. Be it other dvds, albums, heck -- pictures or interviews whatever else she's done --this right now is the reference of greatness.

Although I do think Electric Mole had the better setlist (Tsumi to Batsu, Mayonaka, Meisai, Okonomide, Gips ftw) this was by far and away the better show.

This exemplifies what I'm about so very well. Dynamite Out has Shiina and the band out there saying "You're out there, you came to watch a show. We're not doing theatrics, this isnt a movie. We're going to do what we do best --play music. In fact, we're so good in spite of how bare bones it is theatrically -- you STILL might not be able to handle it."

(and then JCHI came and took back every single thing that made Dynamite so great. But that's another thread )

The show has every Kyoiku-era song and with very few exceptions, is where the songs are done "right." Nyuusui Negai" has completely different legs, its phenomenal. Sounan is better than ever. Crawl doesn't seem so .."meh." Ekimae shines. Gunjo i think is the single best live song performance ever done by Shiina. About the only Kyoiku song I didn't think was as good as studio release was "Kokoro."

Also of course, this has the best performance of "If You Can Touch it" cuz its unlikely Shiina will ever sing back-up on this again. And really, I think it was a welcome change to have Hirama sing, even one song. I was ready to have a couple more Hirama songs in the next album...buut that never happened. Knock on your Door, Ring on Your Bell was great. Not only did we get the definitive version of Kyoiku songs, but also the definitive version of TWO Adult songs: Superstar (of course, my fav Adult song) and Toumei Ningen (which at the time, I was certain was going to be a single. Someone dropped the ball there when they redid it =( .) Also Kurumaya-san wasthe bizness here too.

For all the times Shiina insists on playing Marunoichi, here, I once again thik it's best. We also got Tsuki ni and Koko de, pretty neat.

All in all, if there was a person, who could only partake in a SINGLE Shiina release. Be it, dvd/cd/whatever I would strongly suggest that Dynamite Out be it. Even still, when I pop this in, I am rocking out so hard that afterwards my neck is sore. I think it's the purest thing Shiina's ever done. It sounds the best. No histrionics, no backstage bullshit, no pimping your other releases, no wasting time, just the live music. What you saw in the seat was what you got at home and vice versa. That's rock and roll, people.
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