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TFA is definitely the crowd-pleaser popcorn film but, like junk food, it really doesn't feel satisfying after you're finished. I enjoyed the ride while it was playing but I couldn't help but leave the theater going "That was it?" and I found all kinds of issues with the movie after I was done. Rey was great, Kylo was an excellent antagonist and I love the meta angle of a tryhard Vader fanboy donning a black costume and trying to be badass, Finn was good, Poe was good, BB-8 was adorable, etc. so what didn't work about it? The slavish devotion to what came before. I'm sorry but Harrison phoned it in. Han Solo went out with a whimper. Leia being "promoted" to general was faux feminism at its worst and honestly a little sad for the character. So they just never changed? Never got to live out a good life together? Because that is depressing as shit. Seeing Han still smuggling actually made me feel awkward and sad in a way I didn't want to in a Star Wars movie. And come on, ANOTHER Death Star? Seriously? That was completely ridiculous.

I am an ardent TLJ apologist. Save for Canto Bight, I love the movie from start to finish. It was made by a filmmaker who wanted to tell a story without feeling beholden to fan expectations. Every scene with Luke and Rey was gold. Hell, I wish the whole movie was them. Poe's lesson to trust in his superior comes off a bit heavy-handed (although I do like how it subverts action hero tropes) and they didn't give Finn a whole lot to do but Rey and Kylo were never better and I don't care what anyone says, Luke was utilized incredibly well and I love what Rian did with him. Every second. Including the weird milking scene. And yes, the throne room scene was Snoke was Perfect. Kylo vs. Luke? Perfect. I legitimately got teary-eyed.

Haven't seen TROS but I've heard its worst quality is that it has the pacing of a 2 1/2 hour trailer. Maybe I'll watch it when it comes on Disney +. I've heard bad things and since I love TLJ I know many retcons are a-comin'.
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