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Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
from tsumi to batsu release age, I think. OMG can anyone tranlate the modificated lyrics?!
Hahahahhha, this was soo funny!! XDD I still don't know what it's for after reading the translations, but I wonder who the guy is.

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
Woow, she has a really nice voice!! *_* I hope she does more Ringo songs in the future!

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
very old koko de kiss shite performance, that I didn't see yet
Ohh, I didn't see this either!! Ringo looks so good here; it looks like she's wearing the same outfit from one of Hedo's old avatars, except her hair is up here. (It's soo cute!! >_<) I think this is my favorite "Koko de Kiss Shite." performance so far. *_* OMG, IS HE REALLY JUNJI?!??! I don't know what he looks like!! @_@

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
Oh, thanks! I never saw the interview at the end!! How did they meet, Arutea??

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
mokuren no cream pv??? >_< I can't see anything, so dark!
I couldn't watch this correctly because the audio and video were off sync. @_@ Is it just my computer?

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
OMG, I really like this cover!! @_@ And, it's so funny that a guy is singing the lyrics!! I didn't know the acoustic version would sound like that; I really love it, and the guy has a pretty good voice! *_* Hehe, he looked so happy. But I thought it was kind of weird how the guy on the left was blurry... o_o;; It reminded me of a scary movie. @_@
Ringo is the apple of my eye!
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