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Originally Posted by deadgrandma View Post
I'm not saying Shiina Ringo doesn't deserve a Greatest Hits album, she does. But... she's practically had a 5 year run that has been an extended 15th year anniversary, so this release has really come along at the wrong time for her fans, and that's why there's so many groans.
Totally. The timing is definitely awkward.

I was wondering what she might be leading up to with her promotions and festival performances, and if this is it call me disappointed. I'll still buy it though because, hey, it's probably the only Best album she'll ever release.

This might mean she's (1) cleaning house to make way for upcoming music, (2) actually retiring, or (3) just planning on doing the same old yearly singles releases. My bet's on the third thing - she seems comfortable.

Somebody in the FB group mentioned her Universal contract may be coming to an end so this could be a convenient way to end the contract. I can't say I know enough about the details to know if that's pure speculation or not... but the Universal contract certainly coincided with both her most inactive yet cash-in heavy period. If this is true I'd like to think it could pave the way for projects she really wants to be doing (when was the last time she did anything as interesting as Doku Ichigo or Tamatebako?). Who knows
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