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Okay, I will be the one to resurrect this two years after...

I got the vinyl reissue recently, Tori Amos' music has a special meaning for me and I've loved her music since high school days. This is without a doubt her highest musical accomplishment, the album only gets better as it ages. But needless to say I don't return to it very often, it is very raw emotionally and this music requires 70 minutes of concentrated listening. Having visited New Orleans for the first time in October, I am now particularly drawn to the "southern" songs that come after Way Down.

Speaking of which, I love how every side of the vinyl starts with one of the interludes, and divides the album into four distinct parts. It feels like less of an undertaking than having 18 tracks. Also, design-wise the reissue is a huge letdown - why is there only one piece of paper with one photograph on each side? It's a crime to leave out the artwork, especially when it could be printed in a 12-inch format. I would gladly pay extra for that.

What I listen to more often is the reissue of Y Kant Tori Read that came out a year after. I barely ever heard that album before and it holds up surprisingly well - dare I say it's better than most of what we had after Scarlet's Walk. While the production is a world apart from how we would ultimately know Tori Amos, the songwriting has Little Earthquakes kind of all over it.
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