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Originally Posted by JimmyKoria View Post
You mean they didn't even include the lyrics and CD artwork? Usually her album pamphlets have amazing photos and art. This album in particular stands out. Breastfeeding (?) the pig, I'll never forget what a shock when I first saw that photo.

I'm glad you brought this thread back up. One of my friends let me listen to her Tori discography for a week back in the early 2000's. I really feel more geared towards songs with haunting vocals and music. Caught a Light Sneeze being one. I don't follow Tori much anymore but it feels good to go back to something that was so amazing.
Yeah, I actually wanted to frame the breastfeeding picture until I found out that it is not there! That's a real missed opportunity right there - what I don't understand is that Tori Amos is listed as the executive producer for the reissue, so it must have been her choice, at least in part.

This album has truly aged like fine wine - it just gets better with time.

And yeah, Native Invader was good, but I haven't listened to it since it came out really. I always go back here.
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