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Originally Posted by JimmyKoria View Post
Like everyone else, she's grown, so I can see her distancing herself a bit.

I'm listening to Native Invader at the moment on Spotify. Broken Arrow is a trip of a track. It's got that 60's/70's subtle funk but modern. I'm only 3 tracks in and I'm happy. Wings seems very early/mid 90's inspired. I've been on an Allie X kick and her first and second album drew from that sound but kept it modern. Can't wait to listen to the rest in the morning.

P.S. I hope DeadGrandma can be reincarnated soon. He's been a dead old lady for so long.
Oh have you not heard it yet? It really was a solid album, certainly seemed more like a return to form to me. I could never warm up to Wings (the production rubs me kind of the wrong way) but Reindeer King is the best song she's put out in years.

And see, the "growing" part is something that doesn't make sense to me here - it's not like the photographs for Boys for Pele were something cheap or just for shock value, but they visually correspond with the music; it's always been a part of the package for me. That breastfeeding shot, for example, is striking and startling for sure, but it actually carries a beautiful message. Well I guess that depends on how you read into it, but that's art. It's a damn shame!
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