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zeroryouko, I'll try and keep this short so excuse me, because you obviously took time for that.

Really what I have a problem with is exactly what you address in the very last paragraph. While I understand your disappointment, why should it matter what each of us "wants" from Ringo's music? Everyone is complaining about how Ringo sold out, but having no agency of one's own and just delivering what everyone else would like is much more disingenuous to me. KZK was life-changing, but how life-changing would it be if she stayed on that level, for argument's sake? Or in reverse, do you think she would succeed if she tried to do the same thing all over again? (not saying she wouldn't, just asking)

It's also funny you tell me not to speak about Kate Bush, because frankly that is the closest comparison I can make - not stylistically, but moreso in their artistry. Ringo in her heyday had a very similar approach to music, thinking outside the box and defying predefined categories, and making music that was incredibly bold and yet still completely accessible. They both made music which was pop and yet couldn't be further from pop music at the same time. Kate Bush has literally pushed the then-available technology to its limits, and Hounds of Love and The Dreaming are still two albums that sound like nothing else, even within her catalogue, and have aged incredibly well. She's the kind of artist who's had the kind of impact so great it becomes invisible.
In short, Kate Bush was pushing the musical envelope in the 80s much like Ringo has in the early 2000s, and it's a damn shame she wasn't heard all over the world. I'm sure we'll all agree on that.

If you never did, sacrifice twenty minutes of your life and listen to the back half of Hounds of Love ("The Ninth Wave"). Maybe it will be a life-changing experience, I know it was for me, and mind you that was AFTER I heard and fell in love with KZK

And speaking of, maybe Ringo should take a cue from her and just completely disappear for twelve years. I'm pretty sure there would be more gratitude for her even making music in the first place.
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