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Originally Posted by HEDOfloe View Post
Who is maou? Also, how would you rate the songs on the albums?
This is shocking. How can you not know the most infamous member of the Shiina Ringo forum community? [/ego]

Anyway. I find it odd how people claim that Ukigumo is more jazzy than a certain other guitarist. What exactly is jazz about Ukigumo? His style? Nope. His tone? Hell nah. His ability to improv in every TJ/SR song? Can't be since he plays so cookie cutter. I don't want to sound like I think Ukigumo is a horrible guitarist because he's not. I just don't think he fits this band at all.

I want to do the rating thing too, but mine are out of ten:


Ringo no Uta 7.5
Gunjo Biyori 8
Jusui Negai 7.5
Sounan 9.5
Crawl 3
Genjitsu ni Oite~Genjitsu wo Warau 6
Service 3
Ekimae 9
Gomatsuri Sawagi 8
Bokoku Joucho 2.5
Yume no Ato 9.9

Lady is a tramp 6
Kao 4
Kokoro 8
Dynamite 6


Himitsu 7.5
Kenka Joutou 3
Keshou Naoshi 9
Superstar 9
Shuraba 7
Yukiguni 6
Kabuki 3
Blackout 6.5
Tasogare Naki 9
Toumei Ningen 0
Tegami 9
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