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Old 2007.04.15, 12:01 AM   #11
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I understand what you're trying to do with the search function now, and I'm not sure how to help you there. I rarely use the search on my iPod, and performing a search for "Shiina Ringo" including collaborations with other artists, as you're trying to do, doesn't sound very feasible to me right now.

HOWEVER, you said that you listed the first track on Kono Yo no Kagiri with Shiina Ringo as the album artist (and not the other two tracks), and that seems a little strange to me. If an album that I have in iTunes has more than one artist (and isn't a compilation), I always give the entire CD the same Album Artist, even if I technically end up 'double-naming' something. This keeps multi-artist albums together correctly without me having to resort to classifying them as compilations.

Sorry if this is confusing. It's 3 in the morning, and I'm pretty tired.
- Zac
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Oh, I don't have the search feature on my iPod so I'm not trying to do anything for that. o_o;;

But for all three tracks, I put 'Shiina Ringo' under Album Artist. The only different artist I named was 'Shiina Ringo x Saito Neko + Shiina Junpei' under Artist for track #1. Sorry I couldn't make it less confusing. >_<;;

Thanks, I really appreciate your trying to help!! *huggles* But you guys don't have to try to figure it out; I was just wondering if anyone already knew how to do it. It's really frustrating to try to find a solution, I know. >_< I think I'll just organize my folder manually like Glathannus and Jonny suggested.
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