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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Maou knows what you did last summerMaou knows what you did last summer

Originally Posted by Carlx View Post
^ What was the audience like in those concerts?

I mean, I can only imagine a bunch of otakus everywhere just because "it's a Japanese band that made an opening/ending for X series", even if we are talking about something like PE'Z. Maybe I'm being too judgemental.
Makes me feel great to be going to the Luna Sea show in December. Thanks, bro.
I'd rather have a life of "oh wells" than a life of "what ifs"
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Originally Posted by Glathannus View Post
The worst that will happen in Seattle pubs with Japanese band(s) performing, is there will always be ONE guy trying to mosh in the middle of a thick crowd near the front while NOBODY ELSE is interested. You've got people trying to hold posters and glasses of beer - only to get shoved (there's so much potential for collateral damage) and REALLY pissed off. There were people right next to me who were ready to beat the shit out of this guy, and I was seriously considering helping them. The vocalist of detroit7 in the middle of her performance had to swap out her usual lyrics for "don't fight" while this mosher was knocked on his ass in a drunken stupor and getting repeatedly punched by somebody on top of him. I think it might even be the same guy who's trying to mosh at Japan Nite in Seattle every year. People in Seattle are usually pretty chill, but there's limits to what we'll put up with.

Usually the performers themselves don't have any crap to deal with from Seattle audiences.
At Japan Nite in Boston (where I saw P'EZ) there was moshing, but in a more controlled environment. They only moshed hardcore when STANCE PUNKS were playing, and they kept it to the very front of the stage. At the end of the song the lead singer body-surfed over the same moshing crowd. I kept near the back and had no problems at all.

At Japan Nite in Los Angeles, there was a bit of moshing, but again, only during a hard-rock setlist. For Detroit7, we just hopped up and down (lamely) and fist-pumped.

It all depends on where you stand.
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kuro_neko puts considerable thought into their posts

Originally Posted by NIMH Rat View Post
At Japan Nite in Boston (where I saw P'EZ) there was moshing, but in a more controlled environment.
hey I was that show too!

I remember before going in MTV Japan was interview people and they interviewed my friend Cait who proposed to the lead singer on national television. funny how one of the first things japanese students learn to say is always kekkonshite kudaisai lolz
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Originally Posted by Glathannus View Post
3.) The overrated bands were second or third from the beginning, while the truly superior bands were usually second-to-last or third-to-last. Most of the weeboos walk out after the overrated bands have finished.

[...]This meant that by the time the great bands were playing, it was maybe 10 or 11pm and almost all the weeaboos were gone. In my case, by the time PE'Z got on stage in Seattle, less than 10% of the audience could be described as weeaboo, after it was more like 20% or 30% weeaboo earlier on. That whole setup served as a highly effective weeaboo filter, you know, compared to some anime-themed convention in broad daylight with lots of publicity and no minimum age.

We had found a real purpose for some overrated bands.

Originally Posted by Maou View Post
Makes me feel great to be going to the Luna Sea show in December. Thanks, bro.
Hey! of course I was not talking about you.
I'm pretty much new in this community, but that's enough for me to realize that YOU are going to that show because you actually enjoy their music, instead of just being following any possible 'anime related trend' as I said before.

I'm telling this because Japanese bands aren't that popular in occident, they are hardly promoted and if they were, it would hardly be exclusively because of their 'artistic merits', but because of any relation to the weeaboo (a word I just learned) world.

At least that's the situation in my country, Japanese bands have always performed in anime-themed conventions, and they are usually not part of my music interests.
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