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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2007.05.02, 05:10 PM   #61
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Lena-chan can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they areLena-chan can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

I NEED to say that I love your avatar and signature!

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Old 2007.05.02, 05:40 PM   #62
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I've been wondering if fresh's avatar is Ringo. @_@ It kind of looks like her, but I can't spot her mole.

BTW, what Tokyo Jihen song did you hear on that CD?
Ringo is the apple of my eye!
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift--that's why they call it the present." -Master Uguay
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Old 2007.05.03, 12:39 PM   #63
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Jonny puts considerable thought into their posts

Text says 椎名林檎 down left so yes, that's probably her or her mother.
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Old 2007.05.05, 04:39 PM   #64
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freshevryday pleased at least somebody

Originally Posted by Lena-chan View Post
I NEED to say that I love your avatar and signature!
thanks! I made cuz I was bored at school, but I think it turned out ok

Blog: Just Can't Help it!
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Old 2008.04.10, 10:50 PM   #65
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frecklegirl knows what you did last summerfrecklegirl knows what you did last summer

Whoever hasn't posted in this thread yet, I encourage you to do so and share your story of how you found out about SR/TJ music
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Old 2008.04.11, 05:54 AM   #66
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Nebularus is headed in the right direction

I guess I was first introduced to Shiina when I saw the video for Kuki from the Electric Mole concert on one of the music video cable programs I had when I lived in Japan (Space Shower TV?). I liked the song but didn't bother figuring out who it was. When the Gunjou Biyori song came out I thought, "Hot, but meh..." Kuki was still stuck in my head,though, and when I mentioned to a friend (also in Japan) that I really liked one song by a Japanese artist and hummed the melody to him, it turned out that he also liked SR and proceeded to tell me all about her. Started trolling the used record shops in Kansai and ended up buying all of her material. I also made it to four TJ shows, and the rest is history!
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Old 2008.04.11, 11:15 PM   #67
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Oh you've been to TJ shows! What are they? Were you there in Dynamite tour?
And, how does it feel?
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Old 2008.04.12, 12:42 AM   #68
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back in 2004, I had a blog about JMusic with some friends, I didn't know everything I posted about .. I just translated.. and some of the news I got was about Tokyo Jihen releasing their first PV dvd (Tokyo Incidents vol.1) ... that was the first time I heard the name (Tokyo Jihen) ... I always heard "shiina ringo" but didn't know that she was the Tokyo Jihen vocalist... then 2 years later I found a cool website with GO!GO!7188 on it and some related artists like Shiina Ringo and fra-foa.. so I picked the only song at there, Shuukyou.. at first ( thats already on early 2007 ) I liked the song ... but it was so complex... then some more time later (July 2007) there was a starter pack on Jpopsuki with Tokyo Jihen and Shiina Ringo.. I totally fell in love with the songs... but then I watched their latest pv.. which was OSCA.. I thought: "how can they make this into a single?!?! It's horrible! I hate it" ... but even after that I registered here... so I got more stuff and stuff and KILLER TUNE WAS OUT! I loved it soooooooo <3 and I listened to all their albums (ringo+tj) and I really liked the band .... laterrr OSCA was one of my fav songs LOL and I got very obsessed over it @_@ this happens to my friends also.. they think "omg wtf is that song" but then they are obsessed over OSCA o_O... well then variety was out and I had no doubts... Tokyo Jihen is one of the best bands in the world!

Yoeko Kurahashi?
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Old 2008.04.12, 12:46 PM   #69
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I just recently got internet in my house, so I am not a seasoned surfer. So I found out about shiina after I came home from college (spring 07). I was just back from my 1st trip from japan and was very interested in the culture.Well I started listening to kawaii radio (internet radio). They exposed me to a lot. One thing they exposed me to was ringo hime. The first song I heard was ishiki. I was like wtf!? Japanese make music other than pop and visual kei!? So it was in a vein that was very compatable with my tastes. I started search online for shiina's stuff. Saw some youtube, browsed the web a little. Then I ran into the shiina ringo thread at batsu forums. It was only like 4 or 5 people in the thread but it was so informative. I learned a lot about shiina and we dicussed songs, and one guy used to give reviews and opinions of songs. Man it was so good. But I was hooked after learning of her. But after I saw her... the perversion seeped from my pores, I was in love. So thats it. That's how I found her and came to like her.

If one lays a trap, isn't it the victims fault for falling in?
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Old 2008.04.12, 03:15 PM   #70
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Glathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summer

The Casshern soundtrack was what introduced me to Shiina Ringo, with arguably the best version of Kuki - short of the haunting performance in Electric Mole (I dare you to try blasting that one in the dark with no visuals).

I went for six months without bothering to find out what Shiina Ringo looked like, then I was pleasantly surprised, but I was already bewitched by her before that, mostly from the incomplete set of KSK tracks I was able to scavenge on Kazaa. Muzai Moratorium material was oddly difficult to find.

I found news of Tokyo Jihen's existence from Googling my way into random messageboards I wasn't member of, somebody linked to a Sounan MP3, and that was my cherrypopper. Normally I'm not a lurker, but these Shiina Ringo threads were small, and I wasn't into any of the other artists (at the time) that these communities were about.

(Note: I didn't discover JPopSuki until after joining the Ringo Jihen community, and by then I already owned all of the retail essentials)

Shiina Ringo was actually the reason I bothered to get a 'real' job (I had very casual self-employment before that - barely enough to pay the bills). I was importing more and more music, it was costing too much, and Adult Pour Homme was the first Ringo/Jihen product I decided to buy extras of. That was the same month I got a job, and I'm still working that same job to this very day (2+ years later).

Electric Mole was my first concert DVD, not just for Shiina Ringo, but for any artist. The interruptions are annoying, but it's arguably the best setlist, and everyone was in their element.

Shiina Ringo was who got me into PE'Z, and by extension, the Japan Nite tour, then The Rodeo Carburettor and detroit7. Not to mention there's Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS, Asai Kenichi, and Heart Bazaar. Even when I run out of Shiina Ringo products to buy, there's always other good music to spend money on (so I have continued incentive to work full-time). Though I've branched out even further than that, Shiina Ringo was a very good center point for someone who wasn't familiar with other Japanese artists, aside from videogame composers (who some would argue aren't 'real' artists).
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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