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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2018.04.26, 08:08 PM   #881
Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2)
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Edit: SOLD!

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fernan1234 pleased at least somebody

Now that the forums are back I can resume my attempt to pass along my pile of SR/TJ collectibles to other fans!

I'm gonna be doing a big move to another continent in three years, so eventually I will need all of this stuff gone. Might as well start now. Anyone interested in any kind of merch (B2 sized posters, flags, T-shirts, perfumes, etc.) hit me up. If it's something you ever wanted chances are I collected it.

Ideally I'd prefer to sell these things in bunches rather than single items, but if you only need a specific thing we can work it out.

I guess eventually I'll be selling off all the music and video releases too but I don't think I'm ready yet
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makenshiww pleased at least somebody

Curious if any of Shiina or TJ albums were ever released in LP/vinyl. Attempting to find them if there are.
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Glathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summer

Some full-album vinyl LP's which actually exist:
Muzai Moratorium (came out 2008.11.25)
Shouso Strip (came out 2008.11.25)
Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana (came out 3 months after the CD)
Heisei Fuuzoku (came out 2 months after the CD)
Reimport Vol.2 (I don't have a lot of info about this)
Sandokushi (came out ~6 months after the CD)

An LP corresponding with Sanmon Gossip also exists, but unfortunately it got "the Tokyo Jihen treatment". That's where the song selection never includes anywhere near the full album, but is instead based on which singles or PV's existed from around the time of that album. In this particular instance, the "Saturday Night Gossip" LP is missing at least 9 out of 14 tracks from the album. However, the HF vinyl LP comes with the DEATH JAZZ version of Karisome Otome on the end, so if you're collecting all the LP's, then technically you are "only" missing 8 out of 14 SG tracks.

There are 3 LPs which each correspond with a distinct era when Tokyo Jihen came out with a new album on CD, but those LPs are more about the era than the album. The silver lining is you always get at least one of the B-Sides from the singles of that era, and usually you get 4.

The Kyouiku-era LP included all the A-Sides and B-Sides of the singles from that time. I love Kokoro, but if what you really want is the album, then you're missing 8 of the 10 Kyouiku tracks. Nevertheless, this one might have the most collector-value out of all the Tokyo Jihen LP's, not only because it's the oldest, but compounded with the fact that this product was exclusively made for pre-order. It should come as no surprise that the secondary market for this LP has been quite scarce. This is also the only SR/TJ vinyl LP with embossed cover art, so it's very difficult to take good pictures of the front, especially with the shrinkwrap on.

The PV collection from 2006 was called "Adult Video", and the LP from 2006 was "Adult Video Soundtrack". Since there's only 6 PV's, the "Soundtrack" only includes 6 tracks, and they mirror the PV arrangements if those are different from the album. That means instead of the album versions, the LP included the "for DJ" version of Himitsu (with the Ukigumo rap portion), the single-version of Shuraba, and the "for mother" version of Tasogare Naki. Even if you want to say that the single/PV versions are all at least as good as the album versions, this LP is still missing at least 6 out of 11 compositions the album had. I'm also disappointed that they managed to include 2/3rds of the Shuraba single, while the missing 1/3rd (the song without a PV) happens to be Rakujitsu. If they weren't going to include the full album, they could have at least included the full single. But since there's only 1 single, this LP went off on a weird tangent for which 6 tracks would make the cut.

The Variety-era LP included all the A-Sides and B-Sides of the singles from that time, plus 2 versions of Senkou Shoujo. The "unused" status of this particular LP is difficult-to-verify, because the brand-new product came with these strange outer-plastic sleeves which are resealable, kind of like the 8cm CD version of Koufukuron. This LP is also missing 11 out of 13 songs from the album.

There are no Tokyo Jihen LP's which correspond with Sports, Daihakken, Color Bars, or News.

If you care about build-quality, then SS/KZK/HF are the best old LP's to get, at least by weight alone. I can't speak for Reimport Vol.2 or Sandokushi, but deadgrandma probably could. Mayonaka wa Junketsu is an honorable mention, because the vinyl for that is physically the same size as MM's, but MM has 41min of music to spread across the surface of one full-diameter LP, while Mayonaka only has 12min. It might also be the best overall single of her career, so if only one single were going to get that kind of treatment, I'm glad it was Mayonaka wa Junketsu. Simultaneously I'm disappointed that MM didn't get a double-LP like most of Shiina Ringo's other albums, and a lot of us would have liked to get the entirety of Sanmon Gossip on LP.

"Saturday Night Gossip" and the Tokyo Jihen LP's, all have diameters of ~10 inches. That's why those LP's with 6-8 tracks all retailed for somewhere around 2500-2800yen each, while the full-album LP's were more like 4000yen. These were just the retail prices, though. The aftermarket has taken the pricing to a whole 'nother level, especially now that most of these LP's are 12-17 years old.

There's currently somebody on eBay trying to sell a copy of KZK for over $400 USD. I haven't given much attention to the market in awhile, so I don't know how often these vinyl LP's really change hands anymore, or what prices the buyers typically agree-to-pay. This is not the most thorough search, but should give you some idea of the current shape of the Japanese market. If you get a factory-sealed copy of KZK from there instead of eBay, it will probably still cost you several hundred dollars in the end (after you go through some kind of deputy service). I'm also shocked by what sellers are expecting for Saturday Night Gossip. Used copies of that are even more expensive than used copies of KZK!

KZK has always been cheaper and easier to find than MM or SS, which is probably not what you'd expect if you're an international fan who is new to this market. We'd like to think a KZK LP is the holy grail, therefore it must be the hardest-to-collect Shiina Ringo LP out of all the major ones, but no - not even close. We already knew that the quantities-of-CD's-sold in Japan were much lower for KZK than for MM or SS. What I didn't predict was that the levels-of-demand for the LP's in Japan would be proportionate with the CD market, but that's exactly what happened, and that's why KZK is the only album among the first three where the supply of LP's significantly exceeds the demand. It's not that the KZK supply was ever any higher than the other albums to begin with - it's that the demand has always been much lower.

If you had to pick just one old vinyl, I would say go for KZK. It has the Casshern (English) version of Kuki instead of the CD (Japanese) version, and they included Ichijiku no Hana after Souretsu. The music is great, the vinyls are heavy, the packaging is arguably the most gorgeous (of the full-album LP's), and this has always been an undervalued vinyl compared to the rest. If you don't have a lot of money to spend but you still want something that looks really nice, then get Mayonaka wa Junketsu. You can see the robot bits in her eyes, without a magnifying glass.

Good luck with your vinyl quest, and be sure to show off whatever you can get your hands on!
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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Fauxie is headed in the right direction

Oh, EMF is back.
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it has been back for sometime now
welcome back Fauxie /o/

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