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I got into Tokyo Jihen first, so I have a soft spot for Variety, but love all Ringo albums equally. My current favourite is Shouso Strip. It's just perfect!

By cheesiest material, I mean those Kemeda songs, namely, Senkou Shoujo, Toumei Ningen, and Superstar, plus a couple of personal least favourites, the commercial sounding Gunjou Biyori and Killer Tune. Ringo probably handpicked these songs as a joke. :-)

Btw imo, none of the live versions of OSCA match the intensity of the studio version, the vocals on the studio version are also the least megaphone sounding.

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Yeah. I put on this album after a rant I made on last.fm (defending Utaite Myori's honour) and totally forgot about this track. Hell, I bet Ringo doesn't even remember it.

Is this the most forgettable Ringo penned (IIRC it was penned by her anyway) song of all time?
Disco! Life is dead

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The digital hiss is annoying so I never listen to it.
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Originally Posted by deadgrandma View Post
If you asked me to list all the random releases / new tracks SR/TJ put out between 2011-13 I'd miss at least three.

32-Sai no Wakare is pretty meh though.
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Originally Posted by Maou View Post

*Maou is excited*

I like your points and concede many of them because I actually do like the much of Uki's guitar work over Hirama's in the song. Particularly, verse 2 and the coda. Howeva, I'll leave a few more notes for you:

- Hirama's solo isn't great (one of his worst actually, EM Gibs is my favorite), but I give him more credit for originality. For the most part, I like Uki's solos and wish he had gotten more. Unfortunately, Superstar is his worst as well.
- If Uki's second pre-chorus is what I think it is (it's been a long time since I've listened to any version of Superstar), I hate it. It's the dying yak sound, isn't it?
- The album intro was my favorite part of the song. The slick harmonics backed by the guitar metronome was fantastic along with the main riff. It had a wonderful music box feel which was unique for Phase 2.
- If the Phase 2 main riff is supposed to show beauty in simplicity, why is it more complicated than the Phase 1 verse? Seems backwards.

Please stay! I've never had somebody around here that can/wants to talk about guitar work. I've been dying for this day.
Sorry, I didn't. ) 3 years late in replying; guess I was too afraid to check if there was a reply to mine considering how you EM regulars are so passionate on the SR>P1>P2.

And yep, Uki is still my definitive guitar hero. )
(Naturally since although Gunjou Biyori was the first TJ song I heard, it was [and much later] Phase 2's JCHI version of Marunouchi that converted me into a fan.
Oh, and I like the Discovery live of GB as well with Uki's silly solo [GASP! BLASPHEMY!] that, for me, fits the wacky song [NOT SAYING I LIKE IT OVER THE ORIGINAL'S. Still at the fence for that; celebrate diversity! or variations.]. He did butchered the timing in the died-down chorus though, but it's the only decent live recording where that part is panned out left-right between him and Izawa... so figure.)

Now going back to topic, I'm thankful for this collection since it made me appreciate Un Homme et Une Femme. Izawa's hammond solo really popped out here, no fading out and better played. Not to mention that his hammond tone is juicier live than in studio recordings where it's all churchy bell like (maybe I should start a general production thread ...if there isn't already).
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