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Old 2010.02.12, 07:58 AM   #61
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Tsuki pleased at least somebody

Originally Posted by kuro_neko View Post
...she hasn't lost it, it is just a matter of studio magic, how to capture the spontaneity and spark in the studio. adding more members to the mix (jihen) just complicates it...
I haven't heard the album yet. However, if the debate over song quality is about a success (or failure) to capture the "studio magic," then how will they transition to a live performance? (This is, of course, assuming that spontaneity and spark is as easy to capture in the studio as it is to find in a concert.) If Dynamite Out was what really showed the full potential in Kyoiku (I think I'm paraphrasing Maou, but I might be thinking JR too), then maybe ULTRA C might do the same.

tldr; dude, if jihen did these songs live, would it be totally bitchin' or not?

Also, I'm interested in reading translations for FAIR and FOUL. I remember reading that Shiina did music for plays, so she might be slipping in Macbeth references.
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Old 2010.02.12, 10:47 AM   #62
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ooh macbeth? what makes you think that?

that is kind of what I meant. I think writing a song and creating a demo versus capturing that feel in a final studio recording is a challenging and difficult process. its akin to a writer successfully capturing an emotion through their pen or an artist inspiring some sort of emotion through their medium, its difficult to take what you've felt and transition that statically into a work, and then impart your intended message/feeling/emotion to the target audience. Tori Amos, for example, is really really picky about her demos. her husband, who also works as a sound engineer, wanted her to release some, but she said it almost ended in their divorce (LOL), but then later on her box set A Piano she released 3 demos of popular songs and wrote extensively about them, as an insight into studio magic. a lot her songs "come" to her, as in she gets inspiration, sits down, improvs, and just records. then later the trick is taking the demo into the studio, adding other instruments, and creating a full polished studio track. I think in Jihen's case less could be more. The problem with early Jihen (as I remember people criticizing Gunjou Biyori for this) is that it is almost overproduced, its like Ringo wanted to make sure there was a brilliant part for each member/instrument on every song, and it was almost too much. Songs like Onaji Yoru and Bonsai Hada and most of KZK are so refreshing because they selectively pair Ringo's voice with various non-traditional arrangements. Jihen tends to murder their studio compositions sometimes (Super Star, Toumei Ningen, almost all of Variety, when you compare it to Spa and Treatment or Society of the Citizens). That is just kind of what I meant.
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Ugh... I don't think I can hold off on downloading this for much longer. I just want to be sure my first listen is in decent quality...
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Old 2010.02.13, 12:58 PM   #64
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mae is headed in the right direction

i just want to be sure I have a first listen

(said with humor, not complaining...)
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Old 2010.02.13, 08:26 PM   #65
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I seriously wish she would stop singing in English. (Inspired by "Sweet Spot.")

I do actually like this more than Variety, I think, and considering that I like some tracks on Variety maybe that should be enough for me; but my expectations for this new album were high.

I will suspend ultimate judgment until my copy of the CD arrives (but that won't prevent me from posting negative comments based on this dubious rip).

Hmmm. Just listening to "Kimaru" for the first time and this might be my favorite track on the album so far.

I like "Ikiru" too. At times it seems like a funny blend of Queen and ELO. Not entirely.

On further listening: "Sweet Spot" is so bad it makes me wish I hadn't pre-ordered this album.

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Old 2010.02.14, 01:02 AM   #66
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tsubame pleased at least somebody

This is definitely a good jump in the right direction, I'm enjoying this a lot more than Variety and Adult. It's not as rocky as I'd hoped though.

I shudder on hearing Sweet Spot though. I don't think that Ringo's voice is suited for the song's style...
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Old 2010.02.14, 03:32 AM   #67
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I gave ikiru a listen. interesting stuff. haven't listened to the rest of the leak but based on what I have heard am pleasantly surprised at jihen's ongoing creativity and ability to tackle new things. 8+ original studio albums in the bag and ringo still manages to surprise with each album.
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Old 2010.02.14, 05:56 AM   #68
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Originally Posted by lazer85
I'm really surprised none of the haters are comparing it to variety...
Originally Posted by justriiingo View Post
Because "we the haters" don't remember, and don't want to remember what it sounds like.
Once bitten twice shy! Y'know I don't want to stay and be a "hater", because I'm not that. I didn't like this album at all, but I just want to be mellow. I'll just keep the demos, MM, SS, UM now; KZK once in a while; maybe the first two TJ songs I liked: Kurumaya-san and Tasogare Naki.

Tokyo Jihen will be the band on the Electric Mole video. I can play Kokoro and Sounan at the piano and it won't have poor production. The people in Japan who still sing MM and SS songs at karaoke and say they don't like her now are right. Tokyo Jihen made some excellent jazz-rock earlier on but they're making bad J-pop now, their name spells disappointment to me.


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bebio is an asset to this community

I was writting a long post with my impressions. Alas, it got lost just as it was nearing completion.

Basically, I liked Sports, minor quibbles aside. No patience to write it all again...
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Old 2010.02.14, 04:33 PM   #70
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havent heard the leak yet, but yall setting my expections low now, i bet i will like it when i hear it, im just hoping for 4 good tracks and one really good one
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