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Old 2011.06.28, 10:23 AM   #21
mr. Pillow
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Kaze ni Ayakatte Yuke is slowly growing on me.
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Old 2011.06.28, 10:26 AM   #22
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kuro_neko puts considerable thought into their posts

can someone repost the track credits?

the album booklet does not list official songwriting credits, nor does kronekodow or tokyo jihen official HPs, where did it come from?

is everyone listening to rips or anyone have an actual copy?

my copy came today. if people want when I get home and have some time I can post impressions on packaging with pictures etc

the booklet and packaging itself is definitely the nicest they have had since Adult.

My one complaint is that track credits seem to be missing.

Also, on a whole this album is definitely for headphones, the entire thing sounds flat and muddy through speakers, much the same way Kyouiku did. Someone said they thought a better rip would fix that, but I have high quality from the cd and it sounds that way on my car's systems (which are pretty decent). I'd be interested to hear Glath's opinion once he gets his actual cd.

Full album impressions to come once I have listened to it a few more times with headphones.
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Old 2011.06.28, 10:32 AM   #23
mr. Pillow
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Look here for credits+lyrics.
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Old 2011.06.28, 10:36 AM   #24
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waiting for my copy but downloaded the rip to hold me over for now, track 6 - whoah!! this could turn out to be something special, did not expect this track to turn out like it did after the effects in the beginning
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Old 2011.06.28, 10:51 AM   #25
Shoujo Robot
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Shoujo Robot pleased at least somebody

Daihakken: TJ's anison album.....................
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Old 2011.06.28, 11:41 AM   #26
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Don't know if it's worth it for me to do a blow by blow review or not, but I do want to say that this album definitely surpassed my expectations. It's nothing like the singles led me to believe it would be like.
Maybe that was their plan. release subpar, seemingly unrelated singles that would make us worry and expect the worst, and thus make the album itself seem really really awesome in comparison to our expectations when they manage to rework and connect the singles, and add in some pretty impressive new material.
I don't know, it worked on me I guess. I really enjoyed the album and the sound they seem to have adopted, (which, as others have said, is sort of like a combination of all their past sounds; it's cool and mellow in some places but also high energy and intense, without being too much) and I think this is the best any of us could have hoped for for this album.
Also, while I originally would reluctantly agree that songs like Sora ga natteiru or Atarashi bunmei were anime-ish, after hearing them in the context of the album, I can definitely hear some more deepness to them. They still have a sort of generic sound, but I think there's something else there underneath. And that's the awesome part of TJ for me.
I was floating on a breeze
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Old 2011.06.28, 11:42 AM   #27
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Yeah, the album does sound a lot better with headphones. It also sounds a lot better after taking out "Sora ga Natteiru", "Onna no Ko wa Dare demo" and "Tengoku e Yokusou For the Tube".
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Old 2011.06.28, 11:57 AM   #28
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I am not listening to anything else until my cd arrives

come on you little mailmen shits, zoom your tiny little trucks faster!!
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Old 2011.06.28, 12:02 PM   #29
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lazer85 puts considerable thought into their posts

It's almost 5 am and I just got home so I dont know if I'll listen all the way through, ill stop as soon as I get to a second boring song.

I hate to admit it but the first 3 tracks rock. The new Tengoku is....great. I can't believe they could turn such a mediocre song into such a good song and I really like Atarashi Bunmei with better sound quality and the second song I forgot the name is not nearly as bad as it first sounded, I enjoyed it.

Still not buying it. Glico paid for me already, but I have to say, I'm interested again and I'll buy their albums when they arent pimping themselves out all over the place.

Ok track 5 sounds like Adult/Sports filler. Not BAD, definetly a good "worst song" but that's about it.

Track 6 has a throwback to Sounan and Blackout no? And it's the second track that resembles coheed and cambria (track 2 as well) Good overall.

Damn I am liking this album. I don't think I'll be in love with it but it's at least beating Sports which wasn't BAD.

Urgh I can't stand the fact that I like a song called dopamint. This sucks urgh I'm melting.

I need to go to sleep. I'll post the rest of my very important thoughts when I wake up and listen to the rest.
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Old 2011.06.28, 12:07 PM   #30
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gekokujyo knows what you did last summergekokujyo knows what you did last summer

^ wow, did not realize that there was so much hate for the Sora single. Guess pop rock isn't everybody's cuppa around here.

21seki blabla is really starting to grow on me. I really like that this sounds the way I wanted toumei ningen to sound on Adult - with the arrangement similar to that on Dynamite out.

Osorubeki reminds me a lot of Mayakashi yasaotoko! Though slicker and less intense.

Definitely second the suggestion to listen to this with earphones! Dopamine and kaze blabla especially sound darned sexy on earphones. I'm such a nerd.

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