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Old 2007.12.29, 07:55 PM   #51
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vegetarianham pleased at least somebody

Originally Posted by Kasanagi View Post
If I meet a girl that likes SR, I'm definitely gonna start a cover band, it'll get me motivated to pick up my guitar again and we'll start by covering the entire SS album, down to the nurse outfit
Man, I would so take you up on that offer. You should move to New Zealand so we can do that. I'm a singer, too. How fun would that be?!
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Old 2007.12.30, 09:02 PM   #52
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RollOverHobo pleased at least somebody

Originally Posted by vegetarianham View Post
Gips is my least favourite song on the album, it sounds too 'J-poppy' for me (and I'm not a huge fan of J-pop).
Especially the chorus.....it sounds pretty okay at the beginning then gets cliche at the "I wanna be with you" [ENDRANDOMTHOUGHT]
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Old 2007.12.31, 02:48 PM   #53
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justriiingo can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they arejustriiingo can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

The Gibs chorus reeks of Kameda.
"You gotta have freedom! You gotta have freedom. You gotta have peace of mind! You gotta have peace of mind."
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Old 2008.01.24, 03:39 PM   #54
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Osiris12345 deserves a fucking medal

First Shiina Ringo album I ever owned and I still love it. Though I can't say I like Gibs all that much. Waay too poppy for me. In fact, it's probably one of my least favorites of her songs. It isn't terrible. Just kinda meh.

Tsumi to Batsu is easily my favorite track off of the album and my favorite song in her solo career. It just has so much raw emotion that she can't even capture in the live performances of it. It has everything I like in a Shiina Ringo song. I'm surprised people actually find it annoying. I loved it the first time I heard it.

And I can't be the only person here who likes Kyogenshou. It's just such an awesome opener to the album! Of course, when I heard Shuukyou from KSK for the first time, it blew it away, but when I got this album and listened to Kyogenshou I was hooked. The chorus just has so much energy.
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Old 2008.09.12, 11:46 AM   #55
Tokyo Jihad
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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

ITP I propose that Stoicism is the perfect song. It showcases everything that Shiina is about. Its fun, it rocks, its experimental, its interesting, its approachable.
"Jihad is the soul of EMF"--Lena
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Old 2008.09.12, 12:15 PM   #56
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ShinjiPG raises the standards of what a community can offer

Are you trying to seduce me? <3
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Old 2008.09.12, 03:34 PM   #57
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Inaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medalInaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medal

Stoicism was the closest I got to converting one of my best friends to Ringo. He loved it for all of the reasons you pointed out but then was disappointed at other SS tracks I played saying it was too "Alanis Morissette does J-pop". He doesn't like Alanis Morissette.

I think my best bet was to get him to like KSK, which is a hard task as it is hardly the most instantly approachable album -- particularly to somebody that doesn't listen to "foreign" music -- but once he sees the genius behind it without instantly classing it as generic (an impossible thing to label KSK), he'll have no problem working backwards and seeing the quality songwriting on SS and MM. I gave up 2 years ago though
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Old 2008.09.12, 11:36 PM   #58
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Ringo~Bingo knows what you did last summerRingo~Bingo knows what you did last summer

I think the best policy for conversion is to have the music playing on low in the background when folk come over! even if they complain you just say "well it's my house" and they'll either shut up about it or leave (which is unlikely) and then after a while a person said "oh I like that song" (poltergeist) then you turn it up a little more and slowly they come to understand that J-music is not all the stereotype "crazy" crap that the mainstream has filtered for it's viewers humour! I have semi-converted recently 2 friends and my sister to Shiina's music to the extent that they own the pysical CD's of a few albums/singles and got them to try out a few other acts (SPITZ, Salyu, Brilliant Green, ect) now that they have the knowledge that decent acts outside of the "crazy" & Idol exist they'll go and seek them out and be more open minded ?
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Old 2008.09.17, 07:07 AM   #59
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merman is an asset to this community

I'm wondering if the drawings of the desolated car and the city have some connection with Tsumi to batsu; they are in the middle of the booklet and thus in place of the lyrics.... perhaps it's Yamate-dori?
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Old 2008.09.17, 08:10 AM   #60
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Orenji puts considerable thought into their posts

Well, if I'm not wrong, the car itself is mentioned in 'Izonshou' and, obviously, in 'Tsumi to Batsu' (I think she sings "the German car" or something like this).

Apart from this, 'Shouso Strip', being a symmetrical album, has a central track, which is the #7 Tsumi to Batsu. That song cuts the album in two six-tracked parts.
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