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Old 2019.07.14, 05:47 PM   #81
Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2)
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Quality! Love a bit of Central Reservation. I had my own hit list of albums to hunt down as well starting in 2016. Pretty much got there the other day give or take one or two. My favorites are ever-expanding so I doubt I'll ever feel the job is done. The fact most of them are Japanese and ancient makes the search long and ridiculously expensive! I think all in for the records and associated deputy costs I'm £7,000+ down these past two years.

I saw you just obtained Sappukei! Did you go for the recent reissue or grab the OG? I got lucky a year and a bit ago and managed to grab all four OG records mint from the same Japanese seller for about £70 apiece. Still need to get the Wei?/Samurai 7", but there's no rush.

Record collecting can be a right old frustration at times and playing them and keeping it all in order is a hassle, but I love it. Really rewarding when you secure something you've been after for a good old while.

If I was putting a top 21 together these days I think only KZK would make it from the Ringo canon. I think Oomori has eclipsed all her other releases at this stage and she'd have more representation in the line-up. Tamahime-sama would eclipse them all. Oasis-wise as I see WTSMG in your setup, would only include Definitely Maybe. I think it still holds up in it's entirety to this day whereas Morning Glory has quite a few skippables and badly dated tracks. It's a good list overall tho and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a good addition!

Have you tried out Haru Nemuri yet? I think that'd be a good addition to your collection.

That's the IKEA storage shelves, right? How are they holding up? I'm after a robust set of shelves myself, but I'm skeptical of their ability to hold the weight of the many 100's of records I'd need on them. They seem to be the only game in town so I'm holding off for the time being.

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Inseu has had more than 15 seconds of fame

Pavement is crap though, Never Mind is a major crock save for "Breed".
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Tokyo Jihad
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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

@Bongo, I'm pretty sure my Sappukei is a 2000 issue. Not a reissue. I suppose now I should get the other 3 since they're all pretty great

I probably share your opinion on Shiina/KZK. Though SS is so good, and I still feel is underrated. Wish I could say I was as high on Oomori. But, I stopped staying current with her after Sennou. Maybe I'll fix that soon, see if anything's changed.

I've got a Creation press of Definitely Maybe, but I also want to get the 180G reissue. Morning Glory is and it sounds phenomenal. (I also have SOTSOG!) I'll probably get Be Here Now one of these days, and I also really want the last one. The Masterplan would be legit, but last I checked it was kinda pricey.

I'm pretty sure ITAOS is issued to any white boy millennial starting a record collection. I have the box with all his/their stuff. I want to spin it, but I'm also purposefully not listening to Neutral Milk Hotel too much. My son is really into music and I hope one day he listens to Aeroplane Over the Sea. But you can only listen to it for the first time once, so I'm trying to save that for him.

I was late to the Haru Nemuri party, despite DG's earnest and timely invitation. I like her stuff!

Yeah, they're the ikea shelves. They're sturdy as hell! I definitely recommend. I have around 100 records i guess and its not going anywhere. I have my TV on top too. I bought a 2x4 one as well for video game and computer storage as well.

What records are you excited to own?
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Old 2019.07.17, 12:02 AM   #84
Ringo~Bingo (ver. 2)
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Jihad View Post
What records are you excited to own?

There's quite a few. One that I'm quite pleased with is an original press of Kan Mikami's Hiraku Yume Nado Aru Janashi. I love that record and to have a copy that looks factory fresh when it's coming on 50 years old is amazing. Similarly with Kaoru Akimoto's Cologne LP. You never see it in any condition and again I have it mint. Nobuyasu Okabayashi's The World of Nobuyasu Okabayashi which is another 50 year older and pristine makes me happy. I have so many from the 70's and 80's in pristine order it's unreal. I paid enough and waited long enough, but it's worth it when you finally take possession of them.

Quite a few modern-ish releases seem hard to come by as well. I had to wait over a year and pay about £100 for NakamuraEmi's Nipponno Onnawo Utau Best and was rewarded with a completely flawless example which was also the worst pressing I've ever heard! You can't win 'em all !!

The other week I took delivery of a mint example of Ging Nang Boys' Kimi to Boku no Dai-san-ji Sekai Taisen-teki Ren'ai Kakumei which was a long time coming and cost £200+. I nearly won it 18 months ago and was beaten by a few 100 Yen. I thought I'd never see another perfect copy again. You just need to stay at it and persevere. They WILL come back at some stage!

Recent notables? The vinyl issue of Jun Togawa's Togawa Fiction, Ryo Fukui's Scenery, Perfect Blue OST, Reiko Kudo's Rice Field Silently Riping in the Night and The Stalin's Mushi for having the best cover art in the world! Shinobi with a revolver? What's not to love! Picked up the recent Toki Asako records and the Clammbon reissue as well. There's ALWAYS something.

What I've been playing most recently was the reissue of echobelly's On.Absolutely perfect Britpop record.A great pressing as well. I'll have to pick Beth Orton's Central Reservation up as well for myself. I just tend to focus on the Japanese releases as they're the harder to obtain.
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