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Default Are there any plans to get the site "up to date"

Maybe its just me, but I'm growing seriously concerned about how far 'behind' the product listings page (and the news boards) are getting...

Can it only be frecklegirl who makes these pages? I mean... the last one on here is SAPS-Circles...

The amount of releases since then is quite high, and with the self covers albums right around the corner (and this newly announced soccer single) things are just gonna get more chaotic...

I don't mean to sound whinging or unappreciative of the work around here, but I've never seen EMF so far behind with their product listings/news area etc.
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To be honest, I've been sort of waiting on frecklegirl as well. The last couple of times I started "official" product pages they had to be formatted by frecklegirl (I think Bon Voyage was one of them), but if she's on a break there's no harm in starting our own, I don't think.
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Different kinds of site maintenance, ranked by urgency:
1.) Dealing with the webhosting company in whatever manner is necessary to keep the site online (most commonly involves paying them, but occasionally requires opening up a support ticket).
2.) Keeping the site devoid of spam.
3.) Editing/Removing the posts or users which are a hazard to this site in other ways (this is lower-urgency than spam because it does more harm and less good to be hasty with this kind of decision)
4.) Keeping the sub-forums (such as News or Products) 'current'.
5.) Converting the image links people post, into Attachments, before the source expires somehow.

When staff are short on time, the lower-ranking maintenance activities are what gets neglected. frecklegirl and I are each coincidentally in transitional periods within our own lives, and she was the one handling pretty much all of #4. I do most of the #5 (even while #4 is neglected - I can sorta just auto-pilot my way through #5), but I've barely been doing it recently.

I haven't been unaware of the scale of the neglect, and it's not going to stay that big throughout the life of the site, nor is the site disappearing anytime soon. Can't give you a realistic ETA because there's an even bigger backlog of unresolved issues in my offline life right now, and I think we should lay off of frecklegirl regarding the site's backlog, because she's already done so much before it got this bad. The Product board was my idea before there was ever any plan to launch EMF, an idea which was rejected by the previous administration, so it should ultimately be my responsibility, and we shouldn't be taking frecklegirl for granted at all.

I don't mind if NIMH Rat wants to step up in his own way. The most important thing is to have the threads, to have them indexed, and to move the news replies which really would've been in those product threads if the appropriate product thread had already existed at the time. The 'formatting' can be fixed later.
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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One thing I've wanted to do is start up a working bibliography of SR/TJ related material. This would be print material like books and magazines, things available to buy new or used.

Another thing I've been curious about is starting a sort of "what's on ebay" thread (or on other auction areas), alerting members of things that crop up. I'd be interested in seeing what is selling, and what it sold for.

I know both of these things could fall under the "Who owns Shiina stuff" thread, but that seems a bit random and having some kind of master list and weekly update would be a huge resource, I think.

That and the product pages, which I can certainly put up. Not exactly as frecklegirl used to do, but a reasonable facsimile.
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