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Default Electric Mole Forums Global Rules/Forum Guidelines

1. Please only have one account on EMF.
2. Do not flame (insult, degrade, intentionally offend) other members, especially on the board but also through private messages. Heated debate is okay, but racial slurs, death wishes, country bashing, etc are all out of the question.
3. You are free to discuss with staff members a decision of theirs you disagree with, but remember it is ultimately their decision for you to respect.
4. Please take care to post your threads in the correct, appropriate forum.
5. No unsolicited advertising (spam). Any member doing so will be banned.
6. Likewise, no spamming in order to bring up your post count. Make meaningful posts that are not simply "lol," "nice," or "ya." We will know what you are doing and warn (ban if you do not stop) you.
7. Instead of double-posting, try to edit your posts with updated content.
8. Picture size should be limited to something that is not going to break everyone's screen. For the most part, the forum should automatically resize huge pictures, but try to post a thumbnail to the larger image when possible.
9. Signatures should measure under 600x200 pixels total (picture and text), and should not contain any offensive or obscene images.
10. Feel free to embed (or link to) YouTube videos in any forums appropriate for that artist, but do not publicly upload or send copyrighted music or videos (or offer to), or publicly ask others if they can or will do so.
11. Do not be an overall negative presence on the boards or you will be banned. This should be a fun, positive place for all where we can escape the grind of daily life and chat about silly, trivial things with no judgment.

If you want to discuss any violations of these rules, please post that in the Rules Violations Board. This is also where you can discuss the status of any banned members, etc (it will not be a forbidden topic here).

We will not go ban-crazy, but these are some good ways to get banned:

1. Continuing to break rules after warnings from staff members.
2. Spamming in any way or form.
3. Joining the community just to cause trouble (trolling) and stir things up. You may be amused, but it is not fun for us.
4. Endangering the security of members in any way (threats, sending or posting pornographic messages, viruses, etc).

We will add more rules/change the wording of the existing ones as necessary. Basically, just play nice and get along and we should all be fine!
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