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Old 2007.09.13, 07:18 AM   #51
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HEDOfloe puts considerable thought into their posts

Originally Posted by justriiingo View Post
Maybe because it doesn't pierce their hearts so much like the good old days of Princess Ringo.
I doubt that's the case since I'm pretty sure some of the newer members have said that they like later Ringo or TJ more than the " " Princess Ringo " ".
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Old 2007.09.14, 12:26 AM   #52
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frecklegirl knows what you did last summerfrecklegirl knows what you did last summer

Hahah, I post on Jpopmusic.com forums, but only in the "Other Artists Forum" (which is lame that all these other artists are relegated to "other" whereas the 'big names' like Utada and Momusu are the ones to get their own forums for people to squee in) to gather single/album news on the other artists on my site besides Ringo.

But some of the people in the Rie fu thread recently have been kind of attacking me for daring to say things like, the thread title should have the correct single titles in it (and not just the first romanization someone--who as it turns out DOESN'T EVEN STUDY JAPANESE--pops out, which is almost always wrong). Yeah, how dare I tell someone they should know Japanese before they report a single's title or even translation.
(You know, me... the SOLE TRANSLATOR of Rie's lyrics online. Or at least, the only person who bothers to keep their Rie site up to date and with ALL lyrics translated. Not that I'm saying I should be treated like some goddess for that, many of those people may not even care to read translations, but I'm a real, contributing member to the small Rie online fandom, and it really sucked to get burned like that by people who shouldn't have been biting the hand that feeds them.)

Like, anyone remember the whole Jpopsuki Sakuran/Fence Viewing thing? That kind of insanity. Yeah, how dare I tell people not to use Altavista to get translations of shit that they're then going to spread to others. HEAVEN FORBID the Internet have correct information on it!!! *eyeroll*

Most of you who know me are probably thinking "She came off too arrogant/officious about it" but the hilariously ironic thing is that I knew that could happen and so instead tried SO hard to act humble and polite about the request. And what happened? People jumped all over me like I had been outright rude anyway. so wtf

...Also, you know, this thread should have been moved to Offtopic a long time ago. *moves*
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Old 2007.09.16, 10:23 AM   #53
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Jer is headed in the right direction

Listen FreckleGirl, you. If I want to post .ass sub files of the entire first season of Mach Go Go Go that I painstakingly translated for over 9000 hours in MS Paint and babelfish, who are you to say that I don't have a right to post it just cause I'm not aZn liek u!? Not everyone gets to be born with beautiful slanted eyes and a petit figure!!
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Old 2007.09.29, 05:32 PM   #54
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Superficial Fan raises the standards of what a community can offer

Originally Posted by Tsuchiya View Post
If you want to see enthusiasm for Tokyo Jihen's new work, check out this thread on I Love Music. Only a few posts are my own.

I am on that thread. I usually float my opinions to that thread first, because if I post them here, I have to be more prepared to make a case for them (to the extent they are the sort of opinions about which a case can be made--and a lot of this stuff is purely subjective, imo). Milton posts here from time to time. I will have something more to say about the new album in a little while, but I definitely like it.
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Old 2009.03.01, 06:17 PM   #55
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Glathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summerGlathannus knows what you did last summer

EMF unfortunately doesn't cater to people who are happy without a reason. It's your responsibility to find a reason more than it's EMF's responsibility to tell you only what you want to hear.

I can keep an 'outside' perspective while reading an opposing view in a blog. Discussing it on a forum, I get aggravated and confused and that never ends well. The Shiina Ringo community I was involved with being the ultimate example of this. WIth a blog, whatever you post is the last word. There's none of that back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, each person deadset in their opinion, determined to turn the other party to their side. Which, in most internet arguments, neither side will ever win. Blogs let people express their opinion without feeling the need to win against someone else's opinion.
Another blogger...

Some people get really twisted too...OK, I'll be direct, The Electric Mole forum...I started out thinking that people over there are really nice...but soon I know that they are not *Serious generalization* ! More precisely, some of them!

I effing hate it when fans shamelessly INSULT their idols and claim that they do it for for their idols' own goods.

EFF it! If you don't like...just say that you don't like it and stop....To talk dirty about whatever happened inside her panties is freakishly sick and uncivilized. To gang up and woo at how well you can throw up an insult at her is even more disgusting

.....These people, if you are really jobless and have nothing better to do than effing insulting others, please go and eff yourself. I'm really pissed off. Not like I side Shiina in everything she does (But so far, I have ), I myself could not take this likely.....

I really don't want to touch on racial issue but it just grosses me out to imagine SOME (I said SOME) Western fans just simply consider Shiina as a means of entertainment, a toy rather than an artist. Eff it. Just because she acts like an obidiently cute Japanese lady (I EMPHASIZE, SHE'S NOT OK!), it does not give those effing fans any rights to humiliate Shiina. She (and Japanese ladies even some of them do AV) deserves respect like anyone else.

Imagine some one effing told you that you can never make it as a singer because when you were small, a crab had cut off part of your P****IS...will you stand it?

Freedom of Speech my ass....Unless you know her in person and she's really a bitch to you, shut up and stop looking down on her....Eff it, you can't even sing Happy birthday song as good as she does....Know yourself and give people a break.
Some other messageboard:

Most of my knowledge comes from the Electric Mole forums: http://forums.electricmole.net/ - you will especially find many people who are against Ukigomo and worshipful of Hirama there. The EM forum was just recently reborn, but if you were able to browse its previous incarnation you would find that the Hirama vs. Ukigomo debate outright sank the old forums. SOME people stick up for Uki though.
[soulsearching]This is going to seem off-topic, but recently I was thinking about Pirate Bay, because there is ongoing news about their court proceedings. For years I've been trying to ignore Pirate Bay, mainly because no membership is required, and that makes it too easy for the proper authorities to get in on the same torrent as you, and catch you in the act. But the secondary reason I've had for avoiding the place, is that Pirate Bay comes across to me as one grand clusterfuck with no elimination or segregation of the dirt, no quality control, and an atmosphere that gives off vibes of b-tards who graduated from middle school and moved on to high school. I've held the suspicion that the people who run Pirate Bay couldn't possibly be much more mature than that, if they allow their atmosphere to end up the way it has been.

After noticing how the administration of Pirate Bay have conducted themselves in court, my opinion has changed. These guys are surprisingly mature and selfless, and aren't so nerdy to the degree that they couldn't have a life if they wanted one. Then it occurred to me that *I* value freedom enough not to sanitize it, and the Pirate Bay founders probably feel the same way. Then it also occurred to me that my secondary reasons for hating Pirate Bay are not unlike many peoples' reasons for hating EMF. So for anti-hypocritical sake, I should either start despising EMF, or stop despising Pirate Bay. That's an easy choice for me to make because the founders of Pirate Bay are very respectable people without trying to be.[/soulsearching]

I hope the disgruntled Shiina Ringo fans have fun living off in their own little bubble, because they don't entirely know what they are missing. Among the people who do choose to stick around, I'm having a hard time finding any other group of people on the internet with another common interest, who spill their guts out, and who help each other out more. I've done shipping favors for little or no profit to... 5 EMFers so far. 2 EMFers have shipped things off to me, and none of them are the 5 people I've sent things to. Shipping favors have somewhat flowed around in a circle. Beyond that, some users have donated to EMF in the name of other users, and just about anything you ever wanted to know about anything, has been answered by somebody who actually relates with their own insight rather than merely citing Google or Wikipedia to appear smarter than they really are.

Maybe EMF being such a 'scary' or 'disturbing' place, makes its few active members that much closer to each other. We're all 'comrads' in a greater sense than we would be if this were a more heavily-moderated or kawaii fan community. We're the 'survivors' who "endure(d) the hardship". The people who only want to deal with what's easy or intellectually comfy, well... they usually keep their distance or crawl back into their shell. If that's what blogging is for, maybe that has something to do with why I haven't blogged ever since EMF was started.
You know Tokyo Jihen is a supergroup, when you can't blame most of the members for wanting to pursue other projects.
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Old 2009.03.02, 03:21 AM   #56
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ShinjiPG raises the standards of what a community can offer

To the first quote: Yeah, it's awesome when whatever we say is the last word because we are right and only our opinion matters to us. I wonder why it should matter to other people tho. Maybe a private personal blog, which only the author reads, is what that guy was talking about.

To the second quote: EFFING HILARIOUS! =D
That's the kind of embarassing fanboyish comments I'm glad don't make part of this community.

Other than that, I pretty much agree with what you said Glath. This is actually the only forums I participate in actively, because I like the kind of people who hang around here. Only thing that "effing" pisses me off is when the usual argument about Variety Haters vs Variety Lovers come around. And when people say there are member wars in every single thread.
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Old 2009.03.02, 07:17 AM   #57
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cjhobbies00 puts considerable thought into their posts

This is the fucking reason why I stuck around with the forums, we express our opinions. The Variety wars is the very essence of the forums, a difference of opinions.

I don't need this forum to turn into some random J-POP lovefest where all members do is praise their object of infatuation.

And the praise of the "Blog"! Where all you do is show how "special" you are and stroke your own ego...ridiculous.

The man who does not listen to good music has no advantage over the man who is deaf.
-bastardized Twain quote.
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Old 2009.03.02, 09:15 AM   #58
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Inaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medalInaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medal

I think Fluffie is the perfect example of how accepting the boards are of other opinions if folks don't take things too seriously and learn when to not bite back if somebody makes a, to you, inappropriate immature joke. Pretty much everybody here loves Fluffie and everybody knows his love for Uki and Variety. Nobody holds it against him and arguments don't get nasty between him and other members.

If all you want to do is express your opinion on a blog and pretend it must be right because you have nobody to fight you back, then that's fine. But that isn't the point of a forum at all, and you can't hold discussion and opinion/personality clashes against a place that is designed for the sharing of opinions. Obviously it isn't a case of anything goes, and totally inappropriate members are dealt with, but for the most part it's a pretty darn friendly place once you settle in aside from a few touchy topics which certainly don't define the place.

ViVa La EMF!

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Old 2009.03.02, 09:17 AM   #59
Tokyo Jihad
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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

EFF this ESS. EFF this forum to H-E-double hockey sticks. EFF you all, I'm EFFING leaving. XD

Maybe that is why EMF is such a "scary" place. Even when we don't particularly like each other, we are still a very tight group. We have our own ways and customs and that can be imposing to outsiders. But I think EMFers like Shinji and Bongo have shown you didn't have to join up in 05 to be a member, and fluffie and Neko show you don't have to hate Uki/Variety
(as incorrect as the opnion may be =p)
but the net is full of sycophants insecure with opinions of their own that tey need that reassurance, so what have you.

In closing. EFF!
"Jihad is the soul of EMF"--Lena
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Old 2009.03.02, 09:33 AM   #60
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Inaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medalInaudible-Whisper deserves a fucking medal

I think we scared them away because we have come to realise that we are allowed to say 'Fuck' on the internet.
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