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Main Forum The place for general discussion. Old news and speculation, polls, trivia, memorabilia, favorite songs, and so on.
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Old 2022.06.19, 08:01 PM   #1
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Default In 2022, how often do you listen to Shiina Ringo?

If anyone's still out here, that is. It's obvious this forum's peak occurred around the era of Sanmon Gossip/Sports around 2009-10 (if not earlier)... And since then the forum has slowly declined in activity, gone offline for a few years mid-2010s and then revived just in time for Sandokushi's release in 2019. And while a lot of the activity has moved to Facebook and other venues (anyone else miss forum culture?), the reception to SR/TJ's recent material has remained mixed-to-positive at best. In a way, we're still lucky to be getting anything at all, but it's also natural for listenership to decline as the most enthusiastic of fans age, the next generation of artists rise, etc. etc.

So, the question - how often do you listen to Ringo in 2022? What are the albums or tracks that keep you coming back? How do her recent works (Sandokushi and Ongaku) stack up to her ouvre now that some time has passed? Do you still keep up with the new stuff, or are you a diehard old head? Or have you given up the ghost and stick around for the memes?
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TeslaGuy knows what you did last summerTeslaGuy knows what you did last summer

I don't know if anyone else is still here.
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Tokyo Jihad
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Tokyo Jihad knows what you did last summerTokyo Jihad knows what you did last summer

Every once in a while. It’s easier now that she’s on streaming platforms. I’m still largely blown away since it’s usually been a just-long-enough break.
"Jihad is the soul of EMF"--Lena
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Old 2022.07.16, 05:30 AM   #4
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Lena-chan can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they areLena-chan can barely hear you above the sound of how awesome they are

I always listen to her when I need some emotional support or when I need to assert my sense of self
because she is such a big part of my formation as an individual

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knj7qs doesn't have posts anyone cares about yet

I go back to her old albums quite often, but I do draw back whenever the songs get too saturated in my brain then go back to it a month or two later...
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15 years ago, Ringo's music helped me through a major depression that almost ended my existence. Ever since then, I have followed her to places I would never have gone on my own. (I never liked jazz before Ringo, and I could never have guessed my favorite song of all time would be a waltz!)

To this day, she is still my most favorite musician. Last time I checked the numbers (around 2019), I have kept 64% of every unique song she has released in my regular rotation for those 15 years (counting remakes, but not live versions). There is certainly stuff she has done which I really dislike, but I have nothing but respect for her overall career.

I need a ton of variety in my music, but I prioritize artists over any other aspect of music. In order to fill both these needs, any artist I listen to has to be incredibly versatile. If an artist can be pigeon-holed into one genre, I probably won't be listening to them much, so the ever-changing landscape of music she produces is perfect for my tastes.

I drive for a living so I can listen to whatever I want to listen to for over 12 hours a day. Sometimes I don't listen to music on a given day, or I am wrapped up in another musician.
My answer to "how often do I listen to Ringo?" is typically 2-20 hours weekly.

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